Okay, issue 2.

I just got back from University (withour flowered tights...) and look what i found on my door mat!
I almost forgot about this great thing i ordered around two weeks ago at Etsy, from this seller.
It's a very special, limited edition, sort of little magazine called 'Okay'.

It's just so amazing when you receive something so sweet and delicate.
It made me all smiling...

The envelop contained a little linen sack, filled with beautiful little cards from different materials...

Some other great pictures, that made me smile today...





(Same source as above)



(Same source)







daydream lily said...

hey I got mine in the mail yesterday too. And I have it on my desk at work, I was planning on taking some pics of it. Isnt it just so precious???!!!

Thank you oh so so much for you lovely words on my blog. You know I feel EXACTLY the same about your wonderful blog. You are by far my favourite.

keep up the lovely posts dearest.


daydream lily said...

oh by the way, what's your email? I have a little secret something to share with you.



Jess. said...

these photos have brought me back from my week-long hibernation. So inspiring.

Hope you are well, love!

morphidee said...

oh my god, this okay thing is soo beautiful.
how did you find it, dove?

K. Sundari said...

That little magazine looks great! I should make more of an experience on etsy. Hopefully I will get a job this summer so I can buy all the things I like.

Lisa said...

i LOVE that picture with the white flower + vase .


Rina said...

Hi Mila, I love these picture, I don´t know which one is my favorite!

cassaundra said...

that pink floral wallpaper is divine
& i really dig the last photo with the orange car.

Anonymous said...

what beautiful morning letter... knitting chairs are amazing!
this morning I watched again your blog since its begining, I pick pictures everywhere to do a mood board, I begin a new project, a new collection and your blog is very very inspiring.... thanks a lot Mila!

Jantine said...
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Jantine said...
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Susanna-Cole said...

Oh that magazine you got looks ammmmaaazzing! And oh I love the last picture you posted, I saw that somewhere before... can't remember where though, but oh I love love love it! :)

And thank you so much darling, for always brightening my days with your comments! Your last comment was so well-spoken and true and nice to hear too!


Ivonne said...

I love it when precious pics like this awaken me.
I love it when I come across beauty without expecting it.
I love it when it comes to me though a blog like yours.
And I really, really love your blog, it's like a delicious creamy treat!

Hello, my name is Ivonne, I'm a blogger from Mexico and a huge fan of yours, it's so inspiring!

Please feel free to visit mine whenever. It's mostly about emotions and me trying to write again (I stopped for a long time). Sometimes I write in spanish though, but I also have some stuff in english and tons of pics and video.


IRIS and PIETER said...

heel inspirerend! echt mooie foto's!

*indie_queen* said...

I love finding fabulous things on etsy. And having fabulous things in the post is even better!

sophiejade said...

What an amazing little package to receive, etsy continues to impress me!

Jillian said...

the room w/ the rose wallpaper is so absolutely beautiful <3

Chic Looks said...

I love getting lovely things through the post, especially if I'd forgotten, its like a welcome surprise, I love the beige ruffled shirt the girl has on in one of the pictures. Great selection of pictures as always, I always look forward to them.

Belowen said...

I adore etsy.com - glad you're happy with your purchase!

Heart in a cage said...

Mooi! En wat lief van je trouwens dat mijn outfits ook in je zondag stonden!<3;)

Bibi said...

what lovely package you received =D
those pictures are beautiful and dreamy!

Dream on said...

mooie foto's/pictures!

sueper said...

weer zo een geweldig pakje in de brievenbus: instant-make-my-day-pakketje ;)

onomatopoeia said...

wat een mooie post! okay magazine lijkt me echt prachtig, je moet me er maar eens een keer wat meer over vertellen 8)

over ok gesproken, wie geht's? hopelijk voel je je ondertussen alweer een klein beetje beter! mocht dat nou niet het geval zijn, misschien moet je dan toch eens babi pangang proberen hiihihi


Alice said...

so many wonders. . . <3