Brightness brings joy


I am going to look for a pair of brightly coloured, flowered tights today (AGAIN!)
I know it will look great with a lot of my skirts and it will bring me joy...

Maybe also a bright coloured wintercoat this year, instead of another black one....
What are you planning to wear this winter?


Skye said...

Bright coloured things always make me happy, particularly when it's cold - I hope you find your flowery tights today!

Thumbelina said...

Gah if you find some floral tights tell me where you got them!! But if they are in some shop that is only located in the Netherlands...well there is no hope for me, haha. I have my eye on some floral tights at freepeople.com... they're not bright-- but they are very pretty. I am just broke and can't bring myself to buy anything right now.
Hope you find some though soon :D
Ciao deary <3

Kitty M said...

Oooh flowery tights sound fab Mila! Try www.mytights.com if you cant find any locally. I love this time of year 'new school term' time! But instead of new pens I plan a new winter coat and boots. I've seen so many though I cant decide. A lovely Paul Smith gray coat with wide cape sleeves that I love but cant afford - Kitty :-)

Lisa said...

i am headed into summer!
darn southern hemisphere.

i am looking for the perfect swimsuit. vintage rocker tees & perfectly cut blazers with no sleeves.

goodluck with the coat + flower tights xx.

*indie_queen* said...

It's easy to sink into dark colours in the winter but I'm determined not to this year. I'm getting a purple coat, red boots, thick tights and big wooly dresses

Belowen said...

Well, winter is over for the year here, but I'm regretting not buying a gorgeous red & black topshop coat earlier on in the year... Boo. Those flowered tights sound great!

the tea drinking english rose said...

i would adore some floral tights.
pastel maybe.
where will you find them? let me know if there are any girly ones.

danica said...

This is such a great post, Mila. I've had a lousy day and it has cheered me up immensely! I wish I was picking out clothes for winter as well...

cassaundra said...

lovely photos (as usual!)
i really, really love the one with the girl wearing the salmon colored jacket against the blue sky.
shots like that always get me!

bright colors make me smile.
i always feel amazing when i wear my canary yellow top :-D

Maria said...

I've been searching for flowered tights too, yet I couldn't find the perfect ones.. did you??

I'm actually going to wear another black one this year, black goes with everything:)

Susanna-Cole said...

Hey Mila,
I love that romper (or whatever it is) that the girl in the second picture is wearing! And I'm with you, just because it's winter, doesn't mean we all need to be slinking about in drab grays and blacks and dark colors. I love to whip out some bright colored clothes to wear in the middle of winter! Sometimes I look like I'm in the wrong season haha, but oh well, I like to do it! :)

Great post as always, my dear!


sueper said...

voor de kousen: kijk eens op www.welovecolours.com - veel keuze, betrouwbaar en leveren echt snel (ik had de kousen binnen de week).

a said...

i love the first picture! and i love yellow rain macs, if i was not so scared of people judging me i would definitely purchase one. maybe you can and i can just live vicariously through you?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo choices! The first one makes me laugh, and the rest have such beautiful nature compositions that immediately draw you in.

This winter I can't wait to wear my red corduroy cap that matches my navy corduroy coat with giant buttons. The red pops the navy so beautifully...I'll have to post pictures on my blog sometime when the chilly weather starts to creep in.

So based on my own color coat combos, I'd say get a jacket that makes you happy just to look at. And sometimes when everything is so white a splash of color makes the dark feeling of winter a little easier to bear.


Choubelle said...

holy moley that was a long post!!!

my thoughts said...

Wauw Mila.. geweldig. Deze post gaf me echt kippenvel, zoveel moois. Zoveel inspirerends, heel fijn.

Ik ben helemaal weg van het pakketje wat je ontving, echt uniek. Ik ging meteen kijken maar waren helaas al op.. ik wacht met smart tot issue 3 komt.

Dankjewel voor al het moois dat je ons laat zien altijd.