A new beginning

(I guess i am not over the turban yet, i still love it deeply...)

First of all, Thanks to the lovely Missa from Thriftcandy, for helping me out with my new header! I also want to thank all of you who commented on my post about the header and shared their ideas with me.
As you can see, i chose a header with my own polaroids (except for the left photograph), because it's the most personal way to welcome you readers to my blog!

Some other things...

Maybe you've seen the Vogue Italia editorial 'New Warriors'. When i saw this picture, i was very curious about the rest of it, but unfortunately it disappointed. In my opinion there's way too much going on in the photographs, but i do love the simplicity and the amazing clothes the models wear on this picture. That little 'cape' Catherine McNeil is wearing......

I also really like these two photographs from the Russian Vogue, found here.
Aren't they nostalgic? They make me want to go a few decades back and spend some time in the 50's....

Some Sessun, because i just love the label.

I don't know if you've already seen it, but i was totally surprised when i saw Amanda from Moderniteter and Alma H on a photograph together for Dirty Glam Magazine. Isn't it amazing that these two beautiful girls became 'models' because of their very popular blogs and amazing styles?
Congratulations, girls!

These two photographs from Dimitri Mavriks (1959-2004)

(Who wouldn't almost kill for a face like Natalia's?)

Work from photographer Camille Vivier.
Represented by Bird Production.

Yes, this is another 'how can i put as much things as i like in one post, so i don't have to do more posts in one day, because that will make me look a little silly' post.

Photographs from Andrea Spotorno, also represented by B.P.

Sorry, but i just can't stop myself!


Anonymous said...

Dear girl,

The last photograph is my absolute favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you, Eefje

Rina said...

Amazing compilation of pictures!, I love Anouk Lepre style, I have that vogue with that picture, It was a great photo shoot. But I´m agree that my favorite is the last one pic! he´s so cute!

Rina said...
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young-shields said...

ahhhh that baby, cute!

as always this is a great post i like the look of that clothes label. you always mix together such interesting tidbits x

erica lorraine scheidt said...

The header is so you -- so personal and graceful. And this post beautiful and delicious in all the ways I love.

And the picks of the babe are tremendous.

Susanna-Cole King said...

Ok so I must say, I never know where to start with comment on your blog, because there is just SO much lovely things that it's not at all a problem of what to comment on but what to comment on FIRST! :D

Ok so first, I love turbans too... but oh I don't know how to tie one. :( I tried before... didn't go so well! haha

And oh my goodness, Sessun! I discovered them a bit ago, had to save half the looks to my "Lookbook" file, just such great inspiration!

And everything else looks beautiful as well! I would comment more, but I'm really SUPPOSED (haha) to be looking for a job! :(


Missa said...

Ohhhh Milla!!! The header looks beautiful, seeing it totally made my morning :) Your blog is one of my absolute favorites, and your taste is amazing, so I'm truly honored that you liked my ideas!

This one was my favorite too, it looks perfect! I love how the colors you chose for the text blend with the images too. Have you tried moving the text over just a little to the right so that it's more centered in the middle photo? *sorry, just my stubborn perfectionist self being obnoxious* I love it, love it!

As for the rest, all wonderful as usual! I'm dying for those little gray boots and the image of the girl facing the wall with the shadow of the leaves going down her spine is complete beauty to my eyes!

That last shot is the best, it made me laugh how he has his little fists clenched like that, so so CUTE!!! Have a great week sweetie! :D

Anonymous said...

oh this baby is so cute! is it yours? i love the picture of Natalia Vodianova, very beautiful! the previous post with the polaroids is also really great!

Kimberley Brandsma said...

Ik vind je header ontzettend mooi! Erg leuke post weer! Ik bekeek net de site van sessun en ik vind de kleding fantastisch!<3;)

Skye said...

Don't even try to stop yourself posting photos of that little fellow - I love seeing your baby nephew so much!

Susanna-Cole King said...

Ah, totally just realized I forgot to say: love the new banner! Great choice of pictures, they work really well! :)


Susanna-Cole King said...

Ah, totally just realized I forgot to say: love the new banner! Great choice of pictures, they work really well! :)


loveology said...

Thank you all so much, you don't know what it means to me receiving such amazing comments from you guys! Thanks again! <3

@ Mybrouhaha, no that's not my baby, it's my sister's, so it's my little nephew. He's now 10 days old and what can i say? I've never been so in love! :)

Daydream Lily said...

love the label Some Sessun. and the new banner is fantastic.

where do you find all this inspiration?

Anastacia said...

Thanks for reminding me to wear my Prada turban, it's been too long. I love Nathalia she is incredibly beautiful as is that Prada fringe dress!!

Susanna-Cole King said...

Oooh you ordered a Polaroid camera!? :D
Where did you order it from?

I'm so sad that before I could get a Polaroid camera that they stopped selling them (in stores anyway). :( I was so upset! However the reason I didn't buy one sooner was because, while the camera itself was really shockingly affordable, it was the film that was going to eat up all my money. Plus, they're supposedly going to stop making the film too in 2009. :'( I am going to be sooo heartbroken if there's really no more Polaroids after 2009!

Anyway, I'm ranting now, sorry! ;)
Thank you so much for the lovely comments you left me on my blog, I always love love love hearing from you! :)


The Stylish Wanderer said...

turbans rock.

Too many awesome pictures to comment them all. youve got to stop!

Andrea Eames said...

I love the new header!

And I'll never get sick of seeing the baby pictures. They're so gorgeous. Keep posting them! :)

Hila said...

wow, what a post! First of all, great header! I love that you went with your polaroids :)

And yes, I would kill for a face like Natalia's; although I have learnt to appreciate my own face, despite its flaws :)

By the way, do you know where you can buy Sessun online?

Wild Keiki said...

These photos are amazing. The photographs from the Russian Vogue remind me so much of Danny Lyon's series, "Bikeriders". You should definitely check into it. His photos have that same dated feel.

Hope you had a good weekend, love.

Unknown said...

I LOOOVE the Bird Production site, i always go there to see if theyve updated Camilles section.

Suze said...

ahhh the last picture is AMAAZING!! gosh he looks just eatible! hes reallu pretttty!
Once again youve posted beautiful shots.. and yes i would kill (no joke ;-)) for a face like natalia's! Unfortunately killing wouldnt get me too far! lol!
hope you have had a good day! xxx

love and agression said...

gosh im an idiot.. the last post was mine but i forgot to sign in with my NEW blog and not my retarded old one

{this is glamorous} said...

Another beautiful round-up of lovely, lovely things.

Your new header is wonderful!