Cloudy days

Made by Susannah Tucker, who sells her amazing photography here at Etsy.
I found it here.
POE means Photographers of Etsy, and on the website Etsy sellers show their photography and also tell about how they made a certain photograph. Lovely site, found via Hila's Your cover's blown.

Yesterday, i totally forgot to tell you about the Polaroid SX-70 camera i won on Ebay, it's on it's way from the USA to me. Hopefully it won't take too long, i can't wait! I also hope it will be as easy as some girls told me, to put 600 film in a SX-70 camera.

I saw this amazing camera on this blog....isn't she gorgeous?

What about this beauty?


(Some people ask me in the comment section where i find all the things and pictures i post on this blog. Well, it's very easy, i just browse through blogs and sites endlessly. To me, it's one of the most relaxing things to do...
I find the most amazing things via links from links from links... ;) )


Snowshoe said...

I collect vintage polaroid cameras and have a stash of film in my fridge (I'm more and more afraid to use it since the discontinuation >< )... and those are some beauties! I love old cameras and have an entire little bookshelf dedicated to dispalying them in my home. ^^

danica said...

The new header is looking fantastic, Mila :)

Congrats also on your new Polaroid camera - very exciting! Hope you're well xo

[s][e][x][y][i][n][r][e][d] said...

Owhhh that camera seagull isn't it?
I saw one in red at lomography website so classic and beautiful!!!!How I wish I could get it as my own one fine day :)

Owhhh happy for your polaroid sx-70 as well. Please share your photos yeah!

Windy Days said...

I just bought a Holga and I'm trying to learn more about how to use it! Cameras are wonderful... Do you study photography?

Hope you are well dear! :)

aimee said...

Your blog is so outta-this-world-adorable!

Since I'm going to Amsterdam in october, I was wondering if you have any suggestions on which boutiques and places are must-seens? Kind of like a Amsterdam-guide. I'm really into art and fashion, and just the whole atmosphere your pictures bring.

setyourselfonfire said...

I love your choice for the header, it looks amazing!

I too am a fan of blog stalking, in fact that's how i found you!

Hila said...

Thanks Mila!
And if you have any trouble adding 600 film to your camera, just email me - I have the exact same camera.

Kitty M said...

Hi Lovely Mila - wow exciting about your new camera ... will look forward to some of your new photos and love your new header. Am glad you choose some of your own piccies as well - Kitty x

Outi said...

Hello my blog friend.

Once again, you have some great, great images on display! I am so glad you always share what you find. :)

I especially like the girl wearing a little fur hat (kind of thing) in the previous post. It is the sort of outfit I'd like to be wearing this autumn, with the heels and the skinny jeans and the coat.

How are you today? In your latest message, it sounded like you had been going through some emotional turmoil. How are you feeling now? You also mentioned your relationship - is it in a crisis? How are things coming along?

I myself have been taking a little break from blogs, it seems. Well, it's not that much that I would have intentionally taken a break, more that I was suffering from a little autumn flu, working and starting to get thing sorted out for my forthcoming return to London, which has all distracted me from the internet a little bit.

I think there is another reason for my recent silence to, however. In a way, I have turned inwards again. To explain a little: One of the reasons I started a blog was because I felt the joy of sharing again. I felt like I had something to give. Previously, I had been so involved in trying to sort my head out that I had not felt like I could connect with other people very well. I had just been too busy trying to get hold of life and of myself so that I could not even think of putting something out there for other people...

So, I guess what I am saying, or trying to say, is that even though I feel good and stable and more self-confident these days than I have for a long time, sometimes, I get bouts of doubt and I feel the need to examine myself in a way. Do you know what I mean?

For example, you mentioned something about bad things you have done. I am not currently in a relationship, but my past with them has been more or less stormy, and sometimes it feel just too difficult and scary to move on to new chances. So, sometimes, I cannot help but wonder about what I have done, why I have done it, how I could change... It is important to think about all of those things to be able to grow, but still, when I get deep into those ponderings, I also feel they take so much of my energy I get a bit like shut down from the world around me. So you ever feel that way?

I have learnt to understand myself, and though I feel I have done some progress, I also feel I still have so much to go... I have done some stupid thing too, I can be very cautious of people, but on the other hand, I try to be understanding with myself; it is all caused by fear. However, I cannot always concentrate on the positive, and that's when I feel that, even though I have become so much more aware of my problems (in terms of relationships) in recent years and it has helped me to deal with them, I feel like sometimes I only know things without being able to act upon them. It frustrates me.

Then into some other things!

You said you feel a lot of love for the world when you read about Buddhism and that even though Buddhism is not a religion in a traditional, usual way, it is important because it teaches you about how to live in an accepting and loving way. This is exactly how I feel also! You put it so well. I guess I have felt for a long time that I have a spiritual side in me, but that a "religion" with all its ideas about god, life after life and the way they are always so organised never really touched me. What I am looking for is something beautiful that would make life better NOW. I think there can be so much spirituality in life and in people even without teh ideas of something taht exists beyond what we see. I like to believe in people, I want to experience the world to the full as it is. :) Or at least learn to...

You also mentioned a book by Eckhardt Tolle. I had not heard of it, I must check it out! I already wrote it down to my notebook. :)


Edie said...

What a beautiful and inspiring blog, just thought I'd say so as it's brightened my day ;)

congratulations on your sx-70, i've had one for over a year now and have been playing with expired film and filters, you'll have lots of fun i'm sure.

best of wishes from London

Susanna-Cole said...

Oooh I'm so glad you won that Polaroid camera! I reeaaally am thinking that once I get a job perhaps I will have to track a Polaroid camera down on Ebay. I bet they cost a lot more though, now that they've discontinued making the cameras. :(

Anyway, love all the beautiful pictures you find, and I especially love the one with the girl on the bed writing... that's what I do all the time, lay across my bed and write write write! :)

Lovely post as always, Mila! :)


Lana said...

Ik vind het ook heerlijk om nieuwe posts van zoveel leuke blogs te lezen. En word altijd blij als ik die leuke, inspiratievolle posts van jouw lees :)!
En je header is super, echt goed aan gedaan om je eigen polaroids te gebruiken!

sueper said...

Jeej geweldig koopje via ebay, hopelijk heb je hem vlug!

Anonymous said...

Mila you're a wonderful find person you catch beautiful things, i'm jalouse about yours camera... i have a secret, do you give me your email please?
nice day Mila

The Stylish Wanderer said...

ITS A GORGEOUS CAMERA! And that picture by that artist is amazing too. Your too fantastic Mila.

bibi said...

congrats on winning the lovely polaroid =D
i won one too just this week, but it's the Sonar model ^^ Looking forward to it too!

You're right, endless surfing! and that's how i came across your blog ^__^

Stephanie said...

Those clouds are ravishing.

(I heart your blog - so much sweetness and joy.)

K. Sundari said...

Congrats on your ebay win. You will have so much fun I'm sure! I have about 4 of those cameras myself.

Just like Snowshoe I am "saving" my polaroid film.

Missa said...

I could loose an entire day wandering through link land, if only I didn't have a small child to attend to ;)

The new camera looks awesome, can't wait to see what you create with it!

That picture of the girl writing is SO beautiful, I love the soft monochrome-ness of it :)

Hope you are well, we're leaving for our camping trip tomorrow so I'm off to prepare, woohoo! xoxo

"hi, i'm ginny branch and i love love." said...

oh congratulations on your new camera! we'll have to trade tips soon. i'm still playing around and trying to figure it out.

this post is so sweet. i love the black and white photo of the guy and girl in bed. it makes me ache. but in a good way.

Kate said...

Exactly -- it's like therapy and I am SO glad that my browsing took me to your site today. I love it! I am sure I would love you too if I knew you!! You make the world a better place with what you are doing here.