An evening on The Fashion Spot



Things, collections, models and editorials on TFS, that caught my eye.

Marni S/S 09
Oooh, this makes me happy!
Absolutely stunning, in every single way...

Isabel Marant S/S 09


Gaspard Yurkievich S/S 09


Editorial, photographed by Camille Acrans.

Alberta Ferretti S/S 09



Model Eniko Mihalik

Model Myf Shepherd

Model Kori Richardson

Left for Les Copaines, S/S 09. right for Gaetano Navarra.

Zara ad for F/W 08-09, with Sasha Pivovarova


I hope you liked my selection!


Jess. said...

These are fabulous, love. I keep having to travel for shoots every weekend so I have to catch up on your blog!

Hope you had a great weekend,

Mila said...

Travel for shoots? Gosh, what kind of amazing job you have that you have to travel for shoots?
Don't make me jealous, hun! ;)

Yes, i had a great weekend, thanks so much for asking...


Skye said...

I like that Marni collection too (well I almost always love their collections so that's no surprise), so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!

Lisa said...

love this post.
it truly captivates all that i love.

ahhh an evening on thefashionspot.

pure bliss.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Marni is incredible!!

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Joanna Goddard said...

these photos are SOOOO beautiful. i love the bathing suit one especially.

Jillian said...

i love isabel marant
she always puts on an amazing show and her clothes are so cool and young and hip without being trashy... i love her a ton!

my favorite designer!

xAx said...

I really love that Devon Aoki pic, truely beautiful. I really like Sasha's Zara campaign, i particularly like that bottom right outfit, i'm waiting to spot it in store!!

makemoremistakes said...

wahhhh i want hair again!!!! just so i can do it up all crazy and wear a hat perched on top, a mile above my head.

These are gorgeous, all of them. I love your selection.

I hope you're well my dear, I'm thinking of you!

belle.chantelle said...

these are fantastic. I would love to get an account one day on TFS and wallow away my post exam syndrome. *sigh

danica said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. The Marni runway shots in particular are a fave of mine. xo

arline said...


Missa said...

I always LOVE your selections, this one is no exception!

I just finished admiring the editorial of that first pic on foto decadent, really cool textural mixes.

Hope you are well sweetie :)

nv said...

oh those girls just oooze cool

Anonymous said...

you selection is awesome!Marni last look is amazing and i really like pictures with Myf Shepherd!
my last post is about the fashion week at paris, I went at the begining of the show to see people's look, it's funny but I'm always disappointed because I can't see the show...!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures as always, you have a good eye! I really like the Alberta Ferretti flapper-inspired dresses.
By the way, it's not me in the pictures you commented about on my blog, but thanks for the comment anyway. Have a good week darling!

Fashionistadiary said...

really great selection!! god i love devon aoki! shes so beautiful xo

sueper said...

Wow, de collectie van marni is geweldig, had ik nog niet gezien!

alex hannah said...

very much so liked your selection!

loou said...

i love it too. your blog is very inspiring.

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

kori is fresh!love her

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

kori is fresh!love her

lucy. said...

love the marni and isabel marant!! i am also enjoying marc jacobs mix of prints and luella. YUM. they make me want to layer it all on.
love your photos, again- great eye my dear.

Susanna-Cole said...

Aw, I can see you had a lovely evening on tFS! :)

So many lovely pictures you have found! As per usual, I struggle to speak specificially of any one or even just a couple of pictures, because gosh I love them all so much!

Oh and I want to tell you dear, that I've tagged you in the blog entry I just posted. I tagged you in my last entry! But as I always tell people, really I won't be upset if you don't do the tag. It's optional, only if you want to or would enjoy doing it! :)


Siska said...

cool pics

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

babe, do you have an eye for beautiful things or what?

i love all the editorial pictures (especially the indian princess-esque one)
and the collections are fabulous too.

great blog! come visit mine, we can trade links...

issa said...

oh you do always have the most fantastic finds in photos and shoots... and yay i haven't seen devon aoki in forever!

Sophie said...

lovely selection here. Your blog is wonderful. thank you for your comments. :)

ryder said...

what beautiful photos of kori richards.
but my favourite is eniko mihalik!


I love all these!these are beautiful.Love the ones of Marni,also like the ones of the models. Sweetie hope you have a great weekend ahead. have a lovely time ok honey.

Anonymous said...

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