The difficult tag (and the other side of me?)

Lovely Marian of the gorgeous blog The House of Style tagged me.
Thanks you so much, sweetheart!

Although i think i'll have some problems with this tag because of the pretty difficult questions, i'll do my very best to make the most out of it.

The Rules:

- State 8 things you like about yourself.
- State 3 things you dislike about yourself.
- State 5 things you previously disliked about yourself but have learned to love.
- You (the tagged blogger) must state something you love about the person tagging you.
- You must state something you love as well about the individual you go on to tag.
- You must put an image of at least one of the things you like about yourself and one you dislike.


Hmm..okay, let's start!

8 things i like about myself

1) I have a good heart, i want to make people happy.
2) I am very honest, i can't even lie (well, almost never and certainly not about big things...)
3) I am a funny person (really!!) and can make people laugh.
4) I have the ability to make people feel comfortable when they're around me.
5) I am happy with my eyes, as they're big and i have long eyelashes. If i put on mascara, i look awake instantly, even when i am really not!

6) I like my hands, they're quite big (but in a feminine way!) and i have long and lean fingers.
7) I have a strong personality, i don't let people walk right over me (we say this in Dutch, but if it is proper English...?)
8) I never give up, even when i am feeling really down and things seem to be totally out of my control, i always seem to find my strenght and go on.


3 things i dislike about myself:

1) I am very stubborn, i rarely admit other people are right when i am sure they're not! Sometimes i have to be a little bit more open to other people's opinions.
2) I am a very emotional person, sometimes i really hate that and i wish i had a little less feelings.

3) I am not happy with the way my body looks at the moment, at all! To be honest, it makes me feel quite unsure about myself.

5 things I previously disliked about myself but have learned to love

1) I am not always a people person. There was a time when i thought that it was weird that i wanted to be alone sometimes, but now i know and i feel it's a good thing and very healthy also.

2) My height! I am 180 cm. tall (i guess that's around 6 ft.) and i hated it when i was younger, i always felt like everybody was watching me while i wanted to be invisible. Now i like my height and i can see the beauty of it.
3) Showing my feelings to other people quite easily. In the past that made me feel like a weak and easy-to-hurt person, but now i believe it's a good thing when you are not afraid of showing how you feel and share that with other people (only a few people, of course.)
4) I have a few very good friends, while some people around me always are anybody's friend. It used to make me feel less social and likeable than others, but now i know some really good friends mean so much more than being friends with everybody while not even really knowing them.
5) My insecurity. I used to feel like i had to be much more selfconscious and strong, but now i feel like my insecurity also makes me humble and that's a thing that i really respect in others, so i guess i may also like that about myself.


What I love about Marian is of course her style, she dresses amazingly beautiful.
She looks so strong and beautiful in her clothes and the fact she has a beautiful dark colour makes her even more beautiful and strong looking.
I really feel so good every time she comments on my blog, because i just feel her always sweet comments really come from the heart. That's very special to me and i am very grateful for that!

The person i am going to tag is Mandy from one of my favourite blogs ever Soir de Fete. Sorry girl, maybe you don't want this tag, but i just had to give it to you!
The thing i love about Mandy is her amazing sense of style and beautiful things. Also the lovely, funny and sometimes 'deep' conversations i have with her (online!) make me feel good and give me the feeling we share a lot of things. She understands me and i understand her, even when we don't know each other in real life.
Mandy is very intelligent, creative and talented. I'd love her to do this tag, because i am really curious about what she has to say about herself!

(I changed the rules just a little bit by also posting some other pictures..i couldn't resist...)


mmr said...

ah dankjewel <3 en wat een vleiende woorden zeg! die vrolijken me toch wel behoorlijk op ;)

ik zal de lijst morgen of ergens dit weekend invullen, even kijken wanneer ik de meeste tijd heb!

hopelijk spreek ik je snel weer eens op msn!

leeselooks said...

so beautiful.
thanks for sharing love!

Linda Sue said...

LOVE every bit! Lovely YOU! BTW I scored a polaroid camera with a magnification attachment, used in a dental office for super close work! Now I need to sort out how to use it! You have inspired me greatly!

makemoremistakes said...

OH MY GOD YOU ARE SUCH THE CUTEST PERSON IN THE WORLD! And we are sort of twins. We are both tall, both really honest, both sort of insecure, both emotional, trusting, stubborn, like pretty things, have long hands etc etc etc...

Basically we kick ass. =) I hope you are doing perfectly wonderfully! And even though you don't like your body right now (I don't like mine either...) know that you are fucking gorgeous, no matter what your outsides are doing at the moment.


makemoremistakes said...

oh p.s. i am still going to do that tag that you gave me...i'm just slow. haha.

Juniors-pride@hotmail.com said...

Een mooi en puur verhaal.. fijn om te lezen!

Andrea Eames said...

It was lovely to learn more about you :)

Jessica Ferri said...

i love your bangs!

Skye said...

I think that honesty is such a gift to the people around you - especially honesty about feelings. It's lovely to learn more about you!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

Gosh, If I was to say about you is that you have an AH-mazing blog with the most gorgeous pictures ev-ah. Where do you get them all?

Missa said...

Oh Mila, you are just the sweetest! Your dear heart makes me so happy to know that people like you are out there :)

And those eyes! My goodness, they really are incredible!

Hope you're doing well :) xo

danica said...

I related to a lot of what you said, Mila. Quite uncanny, really :) Anyway, you sound like such a wonderful person and I know from your photo that you are absolutely gorgeous!

Natalie said...

it's so great that you are unafraid to show your feelings!

in the U.S. there is a stigma against always expressing emotions--it's viewed as being "too sensitive." i'm slowly coming to terms with being an emotionally expressive person, too!

Thumbelina said...

This made me adore you that much more, if that is even possible. I think one of the reasons why I am so drawn to your blog are 1) you always have the most beautiful, inspiring and aesthetically pleasing posts ever but most of all 2) what you write comes across as being so true and real-- you have a such a wonderful soul (is that corny to say? It's true though). And I found myself relating to a LOT of your answers, it's quite interesting actually how similar some of the things you said hit home with myself. I love to think that there is a whole community out there besides the three dimensional of course, one where we are able to connect with so many different people from all over the globe. Loved this post... oh and I have to say you are simply GORGEOUS!!! You have the most beautiful hair cut, color and have such dewy perfect skin and those eyes!! Sooo soo lovely, alright you know you will always be such an inspiration to many.
Ciao ciao darlin',

Anonymous said...

No wonder everybody likes you!

You look like a doll.

pumps & luiers said...

leuke antwoorden, je hebt een engelen-gezichtje!

Marian said...

Sweetheart you are beautiful! im so envious of your long lashes,how stunning,You need to advertise mascara ;o)Thank you for the lovely lovely things you said about me.
Your answers are so genuine and heart felt and I am glad I tagged you as I know lots more about you.
Darling you are as tall as me ;o)
glad you have grown to like your height.do you struggle to find long enough trousers?
kisses dear,

HANNAH-ZOË said...

wow you do have lovely eyes!! so pretty and big (:

cleolikesyou said...

wonderful things at always!
je mag trouwens blij zijn dat je zon emotioneel persoon bent die snel haar gevoelens toont, volgens mij heb ik een beetje het tegenovergestelde, wat ook echt niet fijn is.

Betsey said...

these photos are stunning!
and wow, im totally loving all your etsy finds!! fab post!

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

oh how i wish i could add you to my menagerie of female friends! you.are.adorable.

A. said...

ahh, your eyes are gorgeous (!)

Outi said...

I had wondered what you look like - how nice to see your face! :)

You have a beautiful look in your eyes, I feel there is peacefulness in it, but also curiosity and maybe a little sadness too... It is like you are looking at us, but looking at yourself inwards, too. I find all those things interesting and valuable in others.

I think it may be that it is always more or less because of the look in someone's eyes that makes me like them or not when I meet them.

I can relate to what you say about learning to appreciate your insecurity. I have struggled with different sorts of insecurities all my life, and I still do, it it will probably never go away. But I feel I have grown stronger - maybe the insecurities never go away completely, but I guess it is possible to learn to deal with them, to live with them. Instead of denying them and hating yourself for them and trying to hide your insecurities you can think about what you can get from them.

I guess that, in the end, everything, both the things you hate about yourself and the things you like about yourself are all a part of who you are - the who you are going to have to live with. So, you might as well learn to get along with this person. :)

So, thank you for sharing these thoughts. They give me hope and strength on this long journey to accepting myself. And even to learn to love our flaws and to get something from them - it is something to really aim at... :)

Hugs from