Things to fall in love with

This beautiful photograph by Wendy Bevan, which i've never seen before.
The light (or lack of light) in her photographs keeps amazing me and always let me stare at them for a few minutes, as if something unexpected will suddenly appear...

Headpiece, styled by Joanna Schlenzka.

Editorials, styled by Sarah Richardson.

One of these gorgeous jumpsuits from Topshop.
I prefer the last one, because of the colour, the deep V and the overall shape.

Gorgeous old picture from Henry Clark, same source as below.
I love this fifties vibe and the odd kind of romance it shows...

Gorgeous outfit from the same source as the picture below.

These curtains and door, not to forget about the beautiful light coming in.
Via {this is glamorous}

The most gorgeous vintage dress (in yellow! Not my favourite colour at all..) from this Etsy store.

The sweetest cat ever, from Jo, from A cup of Jo.

Gorgeous things to celebrate her birthday,
from Julia likes.

Plates to start the day with a big smile....
By Brazilian artist Calu Fontes.

Great outfit from Jessie from Zest & Thyme.

These two pictures from German Vogue, via this blog.

Decoration sweetness, via this great blog.

This gorgeous photograph, found via this sweet blog.

The title says: Lay in bed and smoke all day
(something i wouldn't actually say no to right now...)

I wish you all a great (rest of the) weekend and i hope the sun shines where you are.
Over here it's pretty cloudy, so i'll have to create my own sun in my head.....


onomatopoeia. said...

fantastische fotos <3

hier is het overigens echt prachtig weer, wel een beetje frisjes maar de zon schijnt al de hele dag!

Mila said...

Jij bofkont! ;)
Ik hoop dat je een fatastische tijd in Parijs zult hebben!


Lisa F said...

pure eye-candy!

Anonymous said...

I love the yellow dress!

ant0n said...

fantastic post, like always

claire said...

well all i know is raindrops keep falling on my head here in the uk...

thanks for all these images, beautiful! x

Missa said...

Ok, I think I just fell in love about 10 times. The way the colors in the first two pics go together is brilliant and that kitty!!! Nice job Mila :)

Igor+andré said...

i have to say your blog is one of my favorites!
the images are quiet lovely.
and that yellow vintage dress up on there is incredible!
i definitely want to uses that in a drawing. :)

sd said...

beautiful post :]

Skye said...

So much loveliness is a balm to the soul - such a pretty yellow dress!

ashley said...

ahhh that post was so special-its pretty cloudy where i am too-thanks for turning a day from dreary to dreamy;) x

Outi said...

Oj, so many beautiful images collected here. I especially fell for the one from Julia Likes. The photo makes me think of so many things, such as Japan, gardens (Japanese gardens? ;) ), mornings and sweet summer days.

it's an addiction. said...

beautiful post.. as always!
you have a great eye for lovely things.

i love that vintage yellow dress. i have a lavendar coloured top with the same kind of lace design.

xo K

♥ fashion chalet said...

Great blog. xx