Sick & Restless

I made some polaroids last week, but at this moment i feel totally out of inspiration. I don't know what to take great pictures of. I wanted to go to the beach, that's very near and make there a few nice photographs, but as i am quite ill at the moment, i am not going.

I told you about the 'Babyshower' for my sister...it was such a great day!
It was amazing to see her so happy with all the nice presents she was given for the baby and for her. (It's amazing to see her so happy with her pregnancy in general, and with her boyfriend, new home and the cutest babyroom i've ever seen!)
Besides lots of cute babyclothes i gave her a 'mobile' my mother and i made ourselves!
We were both very proud of it, because it turned out much more beautiful and 'professional looking' than we both expected.

Yesterday i went to my father's place in Zeist (he doesn't live very near unfortunately...) for his, his wife's and my halfsister's birthdays.
It was a nice day, but i got really sick in the afternoon, so i ended up lying on the couch and almost crying for the massive stomach pains i had.
Before that, i made some pictures of my father's place.
I have to admit, most of the things and the way they've decorated the place is not really my cup of tea, but i do like how they've really styled it all the way, till every little corner of their house, in the style they love. Lots of ethnic things, gold, old stuff with a Maroccan vibe.

They do live in a great house, well, actually it are four houses.
There is on big house and three little houses in the big garden. My stepsister lives in one of the little houses and one other is for storage and the third is for people who come over and stay for the night.


This is how their house looked over a hundred years ago...

Yesterday, I wanted to wear the light Noa Noa dress, but right before we had to leave, a button fell of...so i wore my black Noa Noa dress!

Well, this is it for today.
I am going back to bed and watch tv, which i haven't done for so long!
I hope i'll be back soon, healthy and full of inspiration (and great polaroid pictures!)

Have a great week you all! <3


Robine said...

Heel veel beterschap Mila!
Leuk huis heeft je vader btw

Je outfits vind ik ook helemaal top. Waar heb je die noa noa jurkjes gekocht trouwens? <333

Danz said...

Beautiful polariods! I also love all those amazing trinkets in the house - they give the space so much personality! Oh, and your dresses are really pretty :)

Rina said...

Mila I love your dresses, the black one is my favorite, I really like black dresses, I bought one last week, but I have to wait to summer!

Heart in a cage said...

Die derde polaroid is mooi! En de mobiel voor de baby van je zus is ook super! Het huis van je vader vind ik erg mooi. Vooral het bed! Beide outfits en vooral je sandaaltjes vind ik superleuk. Ik wens je veel beterschap! En ik hoop dat je ook snel weer vol inspiratie zit!;)

xAx said...

I hate being without inspiration, i'm sure a good dose of tv will sort you out, lol. What kind of polaroid camera do you use as i am looking to buy one, and have no idea where to start?

Mila said...

Thanks, sweet ladies! ;)

Missa said...

Milla, that is the coolest mobile I've ever seen, honestly, and I do have a baby, so I've seen my share of mobiles!

Lovely polaroids, I'm sure your inspiration will be back in no time! Also, you really can't go wrong with either of those lovely dresses :)

So sorry to hear you're not feeling well dear, hope you recover quickly!


Anonymous said...

your new dress is beautiful, i adore the mobile, it's si cute!

Outi said...

Mm, some lovely images once again.

I feel I would like to say something more but words seem not flow today... So just wanted to say you've collected some endearing things once again Thank you for sharing them again! :)

Jane said...

wow, those are lovely dresses! and i am amazed...that mobile is indeed "professional"! if i had a baby i'd be overjoyed if he/she received hat for his/her baby shower. :-)

Skye said...

I hope you feel much better soon (and full of inspiration). That mobile is absolutely gorgeous, you and your mother should be very proud of your handiwork!

truth.be.told said...

oh hope you feel better soon xx

Maria C said...

i love your polaroids... they are so whimsical :)
i hope you feel better...

Betsey said...

oh, this is such a great post! i love your polaroids, and both of the outfits you posted! and your fathers house looks AMAZING! wow, such pretty things! im sorry you're feeling ill though, i hope you feel better!

natalia grozina said...

I love your blog!

vlijtig said...

Just discovered your blog via sia grafica. Looks good! I'll be visiting more often. Love the mobile!

sueper said...

jij hebt altijd de sueper-foto's!!

Veel beterschpa

Anonymous said...

Ik ben ook superblij met de prachtige mobile die jullie gemaakt hebben! De foto's van Zeist zijn ook mooi geworden en je zag er mooi uit in je jurkje.
x shula

Lana said...

Die polaroid van je kat is lief! En die mobile, wat super gedaaan, heel origineel!

onomatopoeia. said...

Arme jij, ik hoop dat je je ondertussen alweer wat beter voelt!
Ik ben zelf voor de verandering strontverkouden, echt enig :p

die (dat?) mobile is trouwens echt te schattig en heel erg mooi! net als je noa noa jurkjes :)

annah-logue said...

i love the polaroids! and the mobile for your sister! very professional (:

it's a shame you got sick though ): feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

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