First of all, i made some polaroids that i'd like to show you...

(Unfortunately i couldn't get a better picture of this one. It's much better irl, i swear! ;) )

Second, my package from Ana Laura Perez arrived, all the way from Argentina.
It made me so happy when i opened the big envelop and i saw the gorgeous drawing and the other great and cute things that were in it!

Also, my fabulous AA double breasted cardigan arrived (which i already showed you) and the gorgeous lace collar, which i really fell in love with. Head over heels.

Warning! If you don't want to know what's in the latest issue of Lula, don't look further!
But for you all who do want to know what's in this best issue ever (my humble opinion...) you should definitely look further!
I know the pictures aren't of the best quality, but you sure can taste a little of the greatness.


mmr said...

aah je hebt de ali michael cover :o

ik ben tres jaloers, de inhoud ziet er in tegenstelling tot wat ik dacht toch wel formidabel uit <3

loveology said...

Hee darling!!
Ja, ik vind dit persoonlijk echt de meest mooie en gevarieerde uitgave tot nu toe.
Koop m, hij is het echt waard!


Betsey said...

ooh this is beautiful. i love your polaroids so much!
and thanks for your lovely comment!!

Skye said...

I love your polaroids too - your blog always makes me smile! I'm pleased to see that the little soft toy has his cross-stitch eyes now!

Nature Graffiti said...

ohhhh, i just adored this issue of Lula
however, they never fail to impress and inspire

mmr said...

ik zou hem zeer graag willen kopen, maar helaas ga ik tóch niet naar antwerpen en hier is hij nergens verkrijgbaar. bestellen via internet durf ik ook niet meer, de vorige keer hebben ze hem zo hard in de brievenbus geramd dat de zijkant los scheurde :(

dus nu moet ik bidden dat ik hem ergens tegenkom, ja bidden nog wel :p

Anonymous said...

Two words : Absolutely Gorgeous!!

sophiejade said...

This looks amazing - what else would you expect from lula !! I cant wait to hunt down my own copy now..

Wendy said...

The lace collar is so delicate and very victorian.

Unknown said...

Oh Im sooo glad you got the package and tha you liked it sooo much!
Thanks a lot for all the nice things youve been saying about me as well, and for the gold card!
Im sorry i havent been commenting too much or writing you back but i have been sooo busy in a project i havent had the time, soon youll know about it!
And those photos of Lula mag left me without a gasp of breath! I love that magazine even though i have seen nothing else but scans of it!
Much love and lets stay in touch!
Much love!


Wild Keiki said...

Those polaroids are lovely. I adore the collar. It's so sweet and dainty.

Hope you are well!

Unknown said...

I have been a bit lazy on the blogger side of things. But whenever I visit your blog it always inspires me to fix up Intimate Vignettes. Your blog is awesome, and you have great taste in magazines. Great polaroids too by the way.

Anonymous said...

The polaroids are so beautiful! I love the lace collar especially, it's very sweet. I can't wait to read Lula now, thank you for taking the photos!

esme and the laneway said...

Beautiful polaroids! I love the lace collar, too. And Lula – you are so lucky to get it now, I have to wait patiently till mid September... :< !!!

Babbel said...

Loving it with you :D

Babbel said...

Loving it with you :D

Paris said...

Awe gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! I LOVE your polaroids, how did you get that ghostly atmosphere? I had to skip past the Lula part, i'm so excited to get my hands on the next one, they are probably my fav mags, I wish they came more often!!xx

HANNAH-ZOË said...

i love lula but sadly it's so hard to get my hands on a copy so it's always apreciated when other bloggers post pictures from lula.
thanks! (:

Anonymous said...

your collar is gorgeous!the new Lula issue looks like beautiful, I must buy it!! I'll answer to your tag to late perhaps after my london trip... kiss lovely Mila!

Juniors-pride@hotmail.com said...

Wauw wat een mooie inhoud.. de foto's zijn echt betoverend!
Ik dacht dat hij 8 september pas zou komen! maar ik ga nu naar de boekenwinkel bij mij om de hoek rennen! hoop dat ze degene hebben met Ali op de cover!

Mooie kraag trouwens ook!!

Fifikoussout said...

Hej Milla :)

thank you for your lovely comments :)

to answer you, i use a SX-70 camera, and i remove some plastic little parts on 600 film so it can fit in the camera :) it works perfect :)

what did you mean by trade links ? that we put eachother in our favorite blogs list ?

answer me :)


yiqin; said...

I NEED TO GET HOLD OF THIS MAGAZINE! It is so hard to find it in Singapore! Sigh.

emily said...

the polaroids are AMAZING. i particularly like the first one!

pumps & luiers said...

geweldig het pakketje met de tekening: zo iets maakt je dag toch goed!


Petitebine said...

Ah, ik wil ook zo graag de nieuwe Lula. Zit in Utrecht toevallig een goede boekenhandel dat je weet?


Missa said...

I love the polaroid of your cute little creature with the floral pillows! Thanks so much for the peek at the new Lula :D

Hope you are feeling happy and healthy :)


Fifikoussout said...

Hi again, again :)

aww so sweet, i added you to my list aswell <3

haha i will try not to dive ;-)

have a lovely weekend aswell,


Lana said...

Super mooi dat schilderij! Net als de foto's in de new issue van Lula.

natalia said...

just a head up , i actually changed my blog to fashion-rubies.blogspot.com , i was previously streetstylepdx so just a heads up! thank you for the comments :)

mmr said...

jeuj, mijn gebeden zijn verhoord, ik heb hem vandaag gekocht! En hij is moooooooi

(ja dit is idd al mijn 3e reactie maar ik dacht ik deel de blijdschap hiihihi)