Petrovsky & Ramone

A few months ago i already wanted to post about this photographing Dutch duo, but at that time their portfolio wasn't online yet.
Now it is, but as the time went by, i am actually more in doubt about whether i like their photography or not.
They are doing a lot of the editorials for Dutch fashion magazines now, so i guess they've been growing big lately.
I feel like they are great talents, but somehow didn't really found their 'style' yet.
However, some of their photographs i do really like, so i decided to show them to you.
I am curious what you think about them...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Toni Alexis said...

great post!


{Tara} said...

I really like their use of light! Your blog is lovely -- I added you to my links.
Thank you --

colette rose said...

these are stunning...

Wendy said...

I fall hard for photos that are dreamy and active.

Unknown said...

the photography is breathtaking!
i love it.

Stacy said...

I just found your blog, and oh my, what a good find. These photos are fabulous.

Regine said...

Thank you for the nice comment you left - you made my day! =)

oh, great photos, really. and i love piture nr.3 (beautiful hair)

I hope you'll get a good day :)

..... said...

god those pictures are amazin ! dude what a great find ! u really made my day
i guess i'll make a post about them too if u dont mind !

Anonymous said...

I like the photos where all is not discernible, with blurred, I follow fan of the last pic, enough sensual... but I think you know my style now!

Lucy said...

the photo at the top is SO GREAT. mmm double exposure.

Aly said...

Your blog just blows me away. I've been following it for a while now and it keeps getting better and better (: You've such an eye for beautiful imagery!

Anonymous said...

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