The NEED to share

Sitting here, alone, listening to Coldplay's Your love means everything, a small glass of white wine, a cigarette, tired but not really...
What can you do besides looking for beauty and sharing this with you?

This picture i just found a the great blog A Merry Mishap (go check it out!).

Pictures via my new addiction

(All the credits go to the owner of the blog Some Required for finding these gorgeous pictures above)

Beauty via this blog.

Okay, on a TOTALLY different note. (No, i don't only look at gorgeous photography, clothing and interiors, i have a heart too...)
I was thinking today, Prison Break will start again somewhere in September.
I can't deny my heart missed a few beats when i thought about that i can look at Wentworth Miller again every week for almost an hour!
I can't helpt myself, he is truly the most gorgeous and attractive man i've ever seen. He seems so intelligent and funny......gosh, this man is amazing.
Who else is a fan of looking at Wentworth? ;)

Or, what about a weekly (or daily) post about this gorgeous man?
(Just kidding)

Last for today (well, it's actually tomorrow...) this beautiful picture with a great old and cozy atmosphere...via here.

Night night, lovelies!


ren said...

I really dig this Coldplay song... it's so ethereal. I also dig your blog!

Maria C said...

I love that quote.. so true.
You post such brilliant:)
Wentworth is to die for, i feel you sister..haha

Maria C said...


You post such brilliant *pictures:)

(my bad)

Lisa said...

Mila, beautiful.

stunning post. thanks for sharing love.

sueper said...

Nice blog:
love the frailty of the pictures

ashley said...

i love that quote- am inspired to put it on my bedroom wall perhaps- thanks for bringing beauty to us all! x

onomatopoeia. said...

het is hoog tijd dat prison break weer begint, ik begin al bijna te vergeten wat een pracht van een serie dat toch eigenlijk is hiihihi

mooie foto's ook! (en nee niet alleen die van wentworth ;))

Bronwyn said...

So much beauty in one post, thanks for all the links, I'm busy exploring now:)

a cat of impossible colour said...

I always feel more happy and peaceful after visiting your blog, thank you :)

danica said...

Everything about this post is wonderful!

Jessica said...

Love the photographs you posted here.
Isn't the guy from prison break HOT.

Jessica said...
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