Chictopia's Golden Girls

After the post full of words yesterday, i decided to make today a picture day!
While i was browsing the pages of Chictopia yesterday evening i came across lots of great outfits (and beautiful girls).
Below a selection of my favourites. The first two pictures are my absolute favourites; the girl on the right seems to come straight out of the fifties and the left one is a great photograph and the long white dress is simply stunning.


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Bombchell said...

love the pictures, each seems to have a different feel to it, sort of unique.

Anonymous said...

Great choices! I especially love the classic navy and white in the sixth photo. I'm thinking I might need to find a navy blazer with gold buttons this fall.

Anonymous said...

Thank you =)
Your blog is pretty wicked I must say, have a good day!

Missa said...

Yay, outfit inspiration! Great selections Mila. I especially love the one with all the bracelets and necklaces. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! :)

Kira Fashion said...


thanks a lot for passing at my blog too, you are fabulous!!!

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ooohmaureen said...

hele leuke outfits! vooral de 3e :) x

Tea said...

Hi Mila :)
Ja, ik weet dat jij ook Nederlands bent- maar soms houd ik de illusie graag alive dat wij ons in een andere taal, cultuur, land bevinden. Ik heb het Engels te lief om mij er niet af en toe in te wentelen, het jasje past te fijn:D
Anyhow, thanks heaps for your comment! Wat een mooie tekst, heel beeldend en ergens stekend.. De arm zonder omhelzing bijvoorbeeld- prachtig!
Een hele fijne zon(?)dag toegewenst en tot spater!


Luce said...

wow wow wow great picks! i especially love third row, on the right. Thanks for linking me, also. I'll return the favour!

Luce said...

oh! i just got to read all your lovely comments on my blog! You are so nice, and your blog is a beauty. Linked for SURE!

onomatopoeia. said...

oui chictopia is inderdaad zeer leuk! ik kijk er elke dag wel even 8)

nashi said...

Great pics! I love street style photos!
I found a web site where there are many street style photos. Check it out!


July Stars said...

My Chictopia muse has to be Lulu from everyoneisugly: she's incredible!

Anonymous said...

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