Being brave

This morning i woke up and felt a little sad.
Not for a certain reason, but just things like 'What's it all for' and 'What does it all mean', were going through my head.
It's not a really bad thing, because it sometimes makes you think about the more important things in this world. What those things really are? I don't know.
Don't get me wrong, this blog won't change into a 'I am going to save the world' thing, but i just feel like sharing some of my thoughts with you.

When i discovered the blog of A cat of impossible colour, i felt better immediately.
I don't know why exactly, but i think it's because i feel like this woman is so brave by doing what she's doing. Visit her blog to see what i am talking about.
When visiting her blog, i also saw this beautiful little badge, which says: One thing, be brave.
This little sentence makes you stop thinking about everything for a second and just stand still. Doesn't it?
It made me stop thinking about the sadness i was feeling. It made me realise how important it is to be brave. Not only for yourself, but maybe even more for everybody and everything around you (AND for this world).

When you are being brave and develop yourself in the very best way you can, you are also more capable of doing more for other people and i strongly feel that's what it should be about.
I don't mean that you should dedicate your whole life to doing good things for others and forget about 'yourself', but i think it would make us all stronger and stand still for more moments, which is never a bad thing.

I find it hard to explain and write down my feelings, but i thought i'd give it a try.

Hopefully you'll visit the great blog i mentioned before and it would be great if you also visit the being brave project and put the badge on your blog.
Before i forget, the being brave project is created by the author of this overwhelmingly great blog: Diary of a Self-Portrait.
Don't hestitate to visit if you didn't know it yet, it's absolutely worth it!

Personally, being brave means more to me than doing one thing every day that scares me. To me, it also means being positive, about your life and about this world, even when that seems impossible sometimes.
(Of course it means many other things, but at this point i find it too difficult to explain all of this. I also think everybody should fill this in for themselves...)

(By this, i don't mean to criticise the meaning of the creator of the project, because i think it's a great thing to do what Eleanor Roosevelt once advised us all to do, i only mean to say that i think this is not the only way to be brave...)


Tony H said...

i just stumbled upon your blog today

and I must say, that header picture is SICK!

Jillian said...

I have mornings like that... You just wake up and feel, sad, angry, excited or guilty and yet have nothing to feel those things for.

and thank u for that blog... it's very interesting thank you for sharing! <3 hope you are feeling better now!

Jessie said...

I think you have done an INCREDIBLE job of describing your thoughts. This is difficult stuff. I mean, there is so much to figure out! There is so much mystery and potential in our lives. I am so glad that you are going to participate in the Be Brave Project. And I also want to send you a huge thank you for the kind words you've shared.

May your journey be a wonderfully adventurous one! :)

Many thanks,

(fake) Son House said...

That was written well. Got me thinking, too. In this world, or any world...there are times where you have no choice but to be brave. Cat of a different color can be read many ways. Brave of you to post this.
Keep it up

my thoughts said...

Een mooi en aandoenlijk verhaal.. dat in ieder geval mij aan het denken zet, over 'being brave' maar ook over de manier waarop je dat doet..


Kira Fashion said...


great blog!
love your adds!

a kiss!
check it out mine if you can,
see you,

a cat of impossible colour said...

Hi Mila

Thank you for visiting and leaving your very kind comment - I'm really glad you found something that made you feel better, and I'm really honoured that you found some inspiration on my blog.

I'm so glad you've discovered the 'be brave project' as well, and I think you're quite right - it's not about jumping out of planes or wrestling with snakes, it's about doing things that challenge you and staying positive even when things are hard.

Anyway, thank you again, and I'll see you in the blogosphere! :)



daydream lily said...

Mila thank you for this post. It's actually a word ive been hearing alot of lately. Im going through a breakup of an long term relationship and being brave is exactly what im trying to do!!!!

We need to always be brave and listen to our hearts. That is the only way to life life to the fullest.

I'm going to re-post this to my own blog.


Missa said...


I think the fact that you are having such thoughts at all says wonderful things about you and shows that you are on the right track. Don't worry about having to have it all figured out, that will come with time, just follow your heart and your instincts :) You're appreciation of beauty (of all kinds) and ability to share it with others is inspirational and I for one appreciate it!

Andrea of A cat of impossible colour was one of the first people to start commenting regularly on my blog and I've been following her experience for a while. She's an incredible girl and you're right, she's doing a very special and inspirational thing. It's so great that you found her and gained something from it!

take care :)

Tea said...

Hi Mila,

Why do I tend to forget about your fantastic blog? It´s always a real pleasure to stop by and get inspired by all the great pictures and stories you´ve put on here. Thanks for that. I will have a look at the project now and probably place the badge on my blog today.


Anonymous said...

For me, being brave is stepping outside of my comfort zone, which is sometimes very hard to do.....I'm working on that.

it was nice of you to share your insecurities...I'm sure everyone has felt this way at some time or another