Newly thrifted and other stuff

Very big pants and fitted jacket from the local thriftstore.

Very sweet little picture/painting

Very cheap Filippa K skirt from an outlet store. I love it!

Sweet brown sandals from Zara, sale of course.

Also Zara sale.

I adore this sweet little antique tea thing my mother brought for me from Vietnam. It's from a group of people who live in Vietnam in the mountains. They're called the Dao people. It's very old and i love the idea of these Vietnamese people drinking tea out of this little beauty.

Little book from Zara Home to write down some inspiring thought or put in some beautiful pictures i cut out of magazines (it's an addiction...)

Oh, and i finally bought myself a polaroid camera. I have absolutely no idea if it's working, but i am defeniely going to try it out. If i ever find the right film for it. If anybody knows a little bit more about this Polaroid Land Camera (colorpack 88) i would really appreciate if you could help me out a little. I already searched the net for information, but nothing really usable came out so far. So please help me out! Is there still film available for this kind of camera? That's the most important thing for me to know. Or maybe it's possible to put in some other film that will also do it's job?

Still loving flowers, especially in little vintage vases.
Sometimes flowers seem to be able to make you just a little bit happier or give a little bit of light in your life...


danica said...

What a fabulous selection of finds! The polaroid camera looks amazing!

Thank you for visiting my blog - it's lovely to get kind feedback. I like yours very much and have added you as link :)

Lana said...

Wat gaaf dat je een polaroid op de kop hebt weten te tikken. Ik hoop dat ze je kunnen helpen, en ben reuze benieuwd naar eventuele polaroids die eruit rollen !
En die gethrifte broek staat je goed!

Mila said...

Thanks girls!
@Lana, ik hoop ook echt dat ik er foto's mee kan maken. However, ik ben nu toch weer op zoek naar een sx-70 op MP, daar is 100% zeker nog film voor te krijgen. Ik MOET gewoon polaroids maken. Ik ben er zo benieuwd naar! :)

Wendy said...

Cute shoes from Zara, they're still expensive after sales though.

Laurel said...

OMH Mila! You are such a sweetheart. Thank you so much for the super kind comments. I really hope that Supreme emails me back, I sent it yesterday and still haven't heard a peep. I'm a little bit nervous about this VMagazine thing, but atleast I can get a little recognition.

After it's over August 1st, I'm definately getting some shots to them!

I hope you're well! You look absolutely fabulous, and I almost picked up those sandals! (They ran out of sizes for my huge feet..haha)


Anonymous said...

thanks for your comments!sorry, I cant' translate my text, there would be too many errors!
your polaroid is amazing but I cn't help you, I prospect for film for a basic polaroid... I think that to make beautiful photos, films must be old

karla said...

love the pants in the first picture! uber chic!

NINA said...

Leuke dingen meid!!
Heb zelf ook een polaroid camera, maar ook nog geen foto's mee gemaakt. Ms eens binnenkort film regelen en dan een poging doen :D

onomatopoeia. said...

erg leuke spulletjes, maar dat had ik al gezegd ;)

Mary-Laure said...

How GREAT is it to have a Polaroid camera! I wish I had one too.

Pilar said...

Looooooove the teacan.
Fantasy cannot stop when you see an object like that

Pilar said...

Looooooove the teacan.
Fantasy cannot stop when you see an object like that

Simone said...

Ik heb precies dezelfde Polaroid camera als jij! Van de kringloop. Bij de fotozaak had ik gevraagd of ze er nog film voor hebben, maar waarschijnlijk niet meer. Polaroid maakt helemaal geen film meer, er is alleen nog oude voorraad, vooral de zogenaamde 600-film. Maar als ik jou was zou ik gewoon even bij een fotozaak langsgaan en de camera meenemen. Wie weet heeft hij nog wat op voorraad! Ik hoop dat je er wat aan hebt.


Mila said...

@Simone: Ja, dat heb ik vandaag gedaan. Die man in de fotozaak begon hard te lachen en zei dat voor deze camera al 10 jaar geen film meer wordt gemaakt. Heel jammer. Maar ik geef niet op, ik ben nog op zoek naar een 600 of sx-70!

Thans for all the nice comments!

Anonymous said...

Het theepotje komt van de Dao people, die in de bergen in het noorden van Vietnam leven.
Prachtige foto's verder, vooral die met de bloemen, my favourites.
Love, Eefje

Anonymous said...

zeer interessant, bedankt

Anonymous said...

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