(Sounds of) Silence

I think i am getting old already. Sometimes i get frustrated by all the loud noises we get to hear all day long.
I like to be in silence every now and then, so i don't play music and just listen to the silence. It calmes me down. And let me tell you, i need that!

I found this site of silence where you can read all about silence. You can also listen to the soft sounds of nature. How calming is that?

These pictures say silence to me.
From the amazing Lina S.


Heart in a cage said...

Prachtige foto's! Ik houd ook meer van stilte. Ik kan nie zo goed tegen een tv die hard staat of iemand die heel hard praat.;)
Ik ben sinds vandaag ook begonnen met een blog! Ik wilde al zo lang een blog haha.

Anonymous said...

This is a very, very wonderful post. It's beautiful and enticing. These pictures show just calmness and beauty, it makes you want to be there and just sit there and look at the scenery and forget anything else.

Anonymous said...