Countryside Love

This is defenitely the most exciting and adorable editorial i've seen lately.
Steven Meisel and the (unknown) stylist did an excellent job!
I found the pictures at Photo Decadent and i was shocked to see how many people there left negative comments on this editorial. I just can't believe that when you love fashion, you don't love this photo's. It is a matter of taste of course, but for me this is just genius.
Not only the photographing is amazing, but the stylist also did such a great job and the models (Agnete Hegelund & Kamila Filipcikova) are perfectly casted for this. However, i guess Lara Stone could also have been perfect for this.
One of the comments was that they could have done so much more with it. I guess that's true, but i think that would have 'killed' the simplicity of this shoot and that's an important thing that makes this editorial so special and amazing. That is what makes this editorial what i call 'a Storyteller'.
Just by looking (for hours) at this photo's you can make whole stories in your head about what's going on there and why they do what they're doing.
Well, maybe i just dig too far, but that's who i am.
An other comment was that they could have done more with the styling!
In my opinion, this styling is genius. Exactly what i should do for something like this. It totally fits the style of the pictures and the melancholic atmosphere (i adore).

Hopefully you will enjoy it and if you'd like, tell me your opinion about it.

Have a nice Easter!


a side order of style said...

thanks for the eye candy =)
happy Easter to you too!
-Steph, SOS

my thoughts said...

Wauw prachtig zeg.
De sfeer, zo puur en natuurlijk! daar kan ik echt uren naar kijken

Fijne pasen!


Seductive said...

Hmm, I actually am not impressed by this shoot and I don't really know why. I cause it's just not the way I see beauty.

Happy Easter to you too!

Dont Fret-Your Crafty said...

This is so cute. Prarie style is my favorite, especially all of the flowery layers.
I have to buy this issue.

Happy (late) easter!

Alice said...

i think the clothes and the pictures are beautiful, but the models are so perfect/skinny/cold that they look a bit stupid in those attitudes/activities, and i am sure they have never done 99% of those things ever... well i know they are models, so they are supposed to pretend.. but it makes me think that photographers should turn to real people for a change, i think the pics would look less absurd.. and it's too bad cause they are beautiful in an esthetic point of view.