Yesterday, on my mother's birthday I went to Amsterdam with my parents and my sister to see an exhibition called 'Hidden Afghanistan'. It was not only a great and beautiful exhibition, it was also very interesting to see a different side of this country that is on tv daily because of the war. Of course this country is more than war and devestation, it is actually a beautiful country with a very long and rich history. Unfortunately i wasn't allowed to take pictures inside, so i only took a picture of the entrance of the church where the exhibition was.

After the exhebetion, we went for a little shopping tour.
I bought a pair of great vintage leather boots and a sweet blouse. I also bought a few very cute things at Zara Home and a vintage 'granny-cardi', but i don't have pictures of them yet.

When we drove back to The Hague i got the feeling i often get when i drive on a highway....it is like everything you see passing by so fast suddenly looks so beautiful, while otherwise i would have never considered them beautiful.


Heather said...

That is such a gorgeous cardigan!

ashley rose helvey said...

yes! i love your findings! ahhh amsterdam.... also! you are now on my blog roll, i did it earlier but must have forgot to push the 'save' button or something :) cheers