The style of AB Chao

Sometimes you come across pictures of places, you find so beautiful, you can't find the right words. I just had a moment like that.
Thanks to Decor 8 i discovered the style of AB Chao and all i can say is that it is really totally my style.
It's like she stole the style that has been in my head for so many years! Just kidding.

AB Chao explains her style as: It's a little mid-century, a little Martha Stewart, a little vintage-y. A friend and I came up with "MOLD" a long time ago for our collective styles: modern + old.

The colours, the mix of old and new and the nonchalant way she decorates the place is so amazing! I really love it.
Ok, i think it's clear now.
Let's have a look.

Thanks again to Decor 8 and to Apartment Therapy, where i found this great pictures.