to be humble


Unknown said...

so peaceful and so beautiful<3

Juli Photo Diary said...


Great blog!


Rosie said...

beautiful mila, I have missed you!!

This is a lovely video, and your blog is looking wonderful!! I have not visited in so long!! things have been mad with uni work, but in two weeks I will be free and visit much more often!

you are always so inspiring
x x

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

so inspiring!

Ankita said...

beautiful, touching, inspiring :)

Jakob said...

Really beautiful! Made my day :)


Lady Fur said...

kisses from your follower♡
With love Little Sable

Calgary Photographer said...

Peaceful music and great selection of post-processed artistic images. I'll be back for more - bookmarked!

Maya said...

I haven't heard this version before. It's beautiful, especially together with photos...I feel homesick now. Thanks for sharing this, Mila! :*

Megan Lancaster said...

This blog is beautiful! Visual stimulation to the max! LOVE