ain't no sunshine

so, let's make our own sunshine

(in our heads and homes......)


if you like,
send your 'completed' drawing back to me,
so i can post YOUR ART here on LOVEOLOGY!!!
(with your name and link to your blog etc. of course!)

also, if you MAKE / CREATE / DO something
and want some attention for it,
and i'll make you FAMOUS! ;)
(if you fit in "LoveologyLand" of course...)

(my "LoveologyLand" little book ^)
8 & 17 are also mine, the rest is linked to their sources.


Carys said...

That first image is so pretty and magical, and I want one of those chairs over a lake so much!!
La Ville Inconnue

Unknown said...

I agree with Carys above me, lily looks so magical!
And those agate pendants are very special too.
I am wondering what I can send in, to join in the creative vibe.
Loveology land is a lovely place :)
Kat xx

Lucia said...

very inspiring pictures as always :)

Arlie said...
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Arlie said...

Mila this is wonderful! I want to live in every room you posted :)

starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

that chair over the lake is a dream

Flotsam Friends said...

You sure have made the sun shine. What adorable things. Shot #2 is where I feel like hiding away from all the Christmas chaos that's going on around me... I so need that tiny little bunny rabbit and yellow ceramic girl... Amazing visual feast you've given me here, maybe I can get through Christmas after all. Pruxxx

Dwayne D.C. Tucker II said...

I agree with everyone about the first image being magical...I really enjoy the second one though. Mainly because the second I saw it I saw myself doing a photo shoot there..would be an amazing spot!!!

The design of that thin is so amazing..in a weird area and make the area look sexy haha!

Cool post/ another great collection of images!

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Miami, Florida | Nassau, Bahamas

Giovanna said...

This is very lovely! Always inspiring to read your lovely posts!
Boho Market

Cassandra Dias said...

That hammock of the water is gorgeous! How did they even manage to get up into it?


{Stop by and say hello!}

Rosa Navas said...

I love the pictures from the magazine. Could you tell me the name to look for it?

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Love that tree photo!


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Florence said...

I want the chair!!

little bee said...

Thanks for some sunshine :)

I made a pillow today that I'm pretty darn proud of if you'd like to feature it.

(don't feel like you need to though)

I like your blog a lot and I'll do my best to comment more!

Traviesa Diseño Libre said...

You and your blog are so amazing, and a continues inspirationn to me. Maybe one day, I get a blog as pretty as yours.
Sorry,I only speak a little bit English.
Kisses from Spain

Tu blog y tú sois increibles, y una continua inspiración para mi. Quizás un día consiga tener uno tan bonito como el tuyo.
Siento mi Inglés, sólo hablo un poquito.
Besitos desde España

Unknown said...

I really like the second image, and the ones that you can "complete". So lovely!

This blog always inspires me. Thank you so much for that.

I would be really flattered if you stopped by mine sometime- it's mostly my own photography.


istarblog said...

love these shots dear

finkalixius said...

adorable neclace you been have here, im too envy..LOL

Aubrey. said...

loving those stone necklaces!


Merly said...

Would you take a look at my art and see if any of these is Loveology-esque enough? : )



thea said...

hehehe, I love that you have the power to make us famous!!

Just sent you an update/email about the latest Spoonful.



Merissa Revestir said...

Mila, where is that 4th image from? Whose the artist? It is soo cool! xo