I haven't posted a lot about
fashion lately...
However, when Mirit from Tel Aviv, Israel
emailed me about her label
Mirit Weinstock
I got excited...really excited!
Let's see why exactly.

(Photography by Pillbox Productions)

\\ Personal Favorite //

Such perfect details...

(Available at Pixie Market)

Mirit is one of those
'multi-talented women'
so besides her breathtaking jewelry,
she also designs clothing
and even wedding dresses!

To me, Mirit's designs look really modern
and fashionable also,
but not TOO obvious, so you
won't get bored by it very soon.
Or ever.

I don't feel attracted
to wedding dresses very often.
But when I saw the ones
Mirit designs,
I had to think twice...

During her internship at Lanvin in Paris,
Mirit proved her talent and vision.
How amazing that also
Alber Elbaz himself
noticed this!

"Through her entire internship, Mirit proved the highest professional qualities.
Her work was creative, conceptual, precise, original and inspiring."

Alber Elbaz, Artistic Director, Maison Lanvin, Paris.


Maria Andersen said...

I like your blog, do you take most of the pictures yourself?

Ravenhill said...

Oh, my, the very last gown is to die for... and your blog is a true delight. I am crazy about your eye... for the unique and beautiful... I will be back!

Givea said...

truly beatiful pics

Mila said...

thanks for your kind comments!

No Maria Andersen, I don't take these pictures myself, I wish I could!
In almost every post, I also give one or more links to the owner of the photograph.



Miss Gray said...

Oh wow, what a fantastic label!

I can definately see myself wearing this to my new job!!
And I'm loving the jewlery too, it's so refreshing to see bright colourful accessories!

Miki's scrapbook said...

Oh, my! I love, love, love the first bag! Aweee!

Hope you're having fun!


Giovanna ♥ said...

Super cute!! ♡ I adore the style!
Ps: I'm having a lovely giveaway on my blog :) I'm sure you'll love it dear.
Boho Market Giveaway

kalie brynn. said...

Wow, I would be excited, too! Infact I was as I looked at the pictures, these are so unique without being obscure. Those necklaces are going to be on my wishlist forever, now. I don't quite have the eye or knack for finding new and sensatinal designers like this, so I am so happy to follow blogs like yours made by people like you who are SO good at it!

heleen said...

Hey, je kent haar waarschijnlijk al, maar deze post deed me wat denken aan The Vamoose. Misschien vind je haar juwelen & accessoires ook wel fijn om eens over te posten?


Fijne avond nog!

A Little Yellow Button said...

Oh, I love her work! She really is as talented as you say! :)


ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

Wow, I can't believe I haven't heard of her until now. I really like the jewelry she designs. I've never seen anything like that, which is wonderful!

xx Blaize.

The Beachbaby said...

sigh, how beautiful! :) love all things on your blog.

ilsteviewonder said...

the last gown is lovely! i love the peach colored necklace also! :D

Anonymous said...

Mila, great post! This is so incredibly inspiring!

Flotsam Friends said...

Love this story. And what great shots. I particularly love those two white dresses... Have a lovely weekend. Pruxxx

Nina said...

I love Mirit's works, she is so so talented, and such a sweet person too...I am so glad you discovered her!