Skona Hem?

The more I see of the
beautiful Scandinavian style,
the more I realize just how stupid it is
I have never been to any of the Scandinavian countries.
And it'll only take me 2 hours to get there!

I can never get enough of
people's work-spaces,
especially when there are mood-boards
and inspiration on the wall...

Such a dreamy,
beautiful bedroom.

White combined with
pale pink flowers
is one of the best combination's ever!

Besides the first photograph
this one below is my absolute favorite!
Such gorgeous whites and light
and then the couch as an eye-catcher,
in this beautiful deep color.

(All images from Skonahem)

Ps. I really didn't post enough
about interior lately, haven't I?

I am curious, do you miss something on this blog?
What would you like to see more of?
Interior? Fashion? Art? Etsy or other handmade shops maybe?



Sophie said...

I LOVE this. i want more interior posts :) that's what i miss

please follow me


Christine said...

Interior posts are always fun. I love these. There's something about the way Scandinavians are able to do all white. I'm envious that you're only a couple hours from there.

Rebecca Jane said...

Such beautiful rooms! Interior posts are fab, but i have to say I generally enjoy basically all of your posts!

Melissa said...

these interiors are beautiful


Anonymous said...

interior posts, definitely! you always seem to have the right pick of lovely interiors, like this one! oh, i definitely agree with you on the beauty of whites. anything goes with white so perfectly!

only 2 hours to the scandinavian land? you should really, really go! go and capture more beauty for the rest of us. xx

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Nice photos-i like the work space ones too xxx

Abby. said...

Veryyy dreamy!
I say more etsy! :)

Carys said...

Wow, beautiful!!! I want to live there!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

agnes szucs said...

i like your blog the way it is... i love your taste in everything... not the same as mine, but that's just the beauty of it! fashion and interior can come in any amount! i like sköna hem, too... and i'm happy to have one copy. whenever i travel, i come back with at least 5 kilos of various magazines, so that's how i got my sköna hem.

le petit bird said...

dank voor je reactie! en jou blog is prachtig.. en ga vooral naar scandinavie, ga volgend weekend weer naar kopenhagen dus zal daarna wat leuks posten :)

erin meagan said...

i love this interior soooo much!

Anonymous said...

Love white interiors, BUT....I know myself with red wine, coffee my 2 year old and dog hair....it would become a white F-ing nightmare in the end. Don't mean to down your post or anything...it is lovely in a perfect world kinda way. I would love to see some videos about anything you love or inspires you. Posts about food, music, galleries, shows, films, hole in the walls you come across in your town, interviews, recipes, craft tutorials.... Love, Lis

Marion St. Joan said...

I adore white interior with little bits of colors.

Floddertje said...

So terribly beautiful!

Anonymous said...

if you will ask me, interior is my favourite ... so you can keep posting those. and I love that style, so fresh and crisp :)

Marinka said...

I love those interiors designs, this house is perfect. So white, with pure and clean lines.I love it!

Atelier Pompadour said...

I adore that style!!your blog is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

I like the more dark grey pictures. And models. Those are always fun for me. I like to put them as my screensaver. But then again, I am just one person. :)

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