Lovely {Give Away}

Remember I told you
about the surprise yesterday?
Well, it's this amazing Give Away
from my good friend Danni from Oh, hello friend!

This Give Away is here to celebrate!
Celebrate life,
celebrate Spring
and celebrate my new blog lay-out, which I am so
HAPPY with!

This beautiful set you can win contains:
A ring, a hair pin set, a cameo brooch and a pack of Japanese tape.

There are three ways to enter this Give Away:

1} Visit the Oh hello friend shop
and comment on this post with your favorite item from the shop.

2} Blog or Twitter about this Give Away
and comment on this post with the link to your post or tweet.

3} Comment on this post and tell me
what you are celebrating today!

(Please also leave your email address
in your comment,
so I can contact you if you are the winner!)

You can enter this Give Away until
Friday April 16, 12.00 AM (Dutch time: GMT+1)
On this day I will select one winner via
the Random Number Generator.


I would also like to take
this opportunity to thank some amazing people!
Daydream Lily, Danni and Micaela from The Drifter and the Gypsy
I am sending you flowers in my head...
Thanks a million for helping me with the new lay out,
I had never could have done this without you!


*Evelyn* said...

I love ordinary day - simple whistle necklace.
beautiful giveaway.....


*Evelyn* said...

I twitted

*Evelyn* said...

I am happy that spring has finally arrived!

Pure Harte said...

Firstly I love the new layout, particularly the pretty lace down the side, a beautiful touch. I am going to blog about this giveaway as oh hello friends items are so pretty. Today I am celebrating the fact that the sun has come out to play. Living in Ireland this is a rare thing.

Chani said...

Those are the most pretty designs ever! They style of the Etsy shop is fantastic. I'd coose EVERYTHING of course, but Time of my life is a necklace that catched my eye right away.

Chani said...

I will post about the give away.

Chani said...

What I celebrate today? Well, tonight we're celebrating Shabat!

Have a nice day,

Chani from Paris :)

Clare Tea said...

oh... i love so many of the things.
I'm favoriting your shop, I just can't decide...

maybe the romancing me ring and whisperous rain III .

Clare Tea said...

Here is my tweet ~ http://twitter.com/icitea/status/11871399445

Pure Harte said...

I have just blogged about the giveaway at www.mypureharte.blogspot.com and my email is pureharte@gmail.com

Clare Tea said...


I am celebrating another new day... with a nice hot bath and a cup of tea. Each new day only comes once in a lifetime, it really is something to celebrate!

Also, your end date for this giveaway should be April 16, no?

Thank you for the chance!

Lucia said...

I love only you antique brass retro kissing kids charm necklace :)

Lucia said...

Today, I'm celebrating my freedom! I have time to having fun with my friends :)

iliketweet said...

Such lovely, lovely things! I love the key necklace...

I am celebrating it being sunny, time for bare legs and sandals!


Love your blog and the new layout!

tweet tweet tweet


Anonymous said...

oh, i love everything in that shop but the most beautiful thing there is; of love - antique brass amour ring.
I love it so very much!!
here's my e-mail.

this is my blog:

cerebral e said...

I am celebrating the things that I celebrate everyday - my family, my health and my freedom.

elissa at iinet dot net dot au

cerebral e said...

My favourite item in Danni's store is the Simple Whistle necklace.

elissa at iinet dot net dot au

uma said...

I love the " time of your life pocket watch clock necklace"! Great giveaway!

katha said...

Woah, what a lovely giveaway and congratulations on your new blog design, it looks fabulous!

The pieces on her shop are amazing and it's really hard to choose something, but if I'd had to, I'd definitly go for the "moment in time pocket watch" or the "grace earrings" as they are just fitting so much to the spring right now.

Would still love though to win this lovely giveaway as all the items are just as cute as the rest of her shop!

Hope you all'll have a great weekend, go celebrate spring!

Ria said...

I really love the new layout :)

Today I am celebrating a beautiful day by sitting in the garden and enjoying the sun. (I'm also celebrating the joy of post by writing letters to beautiful people)

A double whammy for a pretty spring day :)

discoria @ hotmail . co .uk

leaherobinson said...

Thanks for the opportunity to win such lovely stuff! I am in love :) with the amour ring!

leaherobinson said...

oh and my email is leaherobinson@gmail.com

Sarah Klevan said...

vandaag vier ik dat de bloesems uitgekomen zijn en dat ik met mijn fiets in de zon rijd zonder slotjes in mijn mond!


Amy said...

I love the flower cage whimsical gold birdcage necklace! So gorgeous, and a fantastic giveaway :)

Every Little Counts said...

oh, danni is such a sweetheart!

i am in love with the time of your life pocket watch necklace.

Irene b said...

such a great giveaway!Today I celebrate my first day of holiday after a hard work on my b&b... relax sun and relax and sun...
i hope to win this incredible gift!

scattered things said...

The theme of your blog entry reminded me of a song by Dave Mathews ('Two Step') and particularly of the sentence: "Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain..." Yes... sweet as all the items from the shop!! So let's celebrate sweetness and beauty! :)

My mail: scattered_things@yahoo.es

Robin said...

What an amazing giveaway! I have often looked at the Oh hell friend shop and drooled over the beautiful items. I think I am most excited about the hair pins, maybe because I feel like my hair needs something recently to give it a bit of whimsy.

farabeesiers at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I love this giveaway, I love all items of the O hello friend shop, but I like one item the most. The rose garden - lovely rose ring in dusty pink. It's so delicate and beautiful... I love it.

My mail: elit-elit@live.nl

Rahel said...

gosh, every single item in the shop is just so....PERFECT!!! although i`d be happy with everything, i guess i`d choose the "there for you - french charm and eiffel tower necklace".

great great great giveaway!


Rahel said...

....today i will celebrate my best friend`s birthday!

Rahel said...

i twitted:


lyndie lou said...

Today I am celebrating my best friend's birthday! She's miles away from me in Spain which makes it sad, and unable for us to have a rumpus, but when she returns this summer, we'll fix that!

Rachel Holm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachel Holm said...

lovely giveaway, inDEED. my favorite thing right now would be the floral bouquet ring!



Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Being Alive! Something we should all celebrate EVERY day!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Ooh so hard to choose a favorite. I think I like all the cute bobby pin hair clips..they are all so cute!

I am celebrating the weekend today since I work tomorrow!


Elizabeth Johnson said...

Love the bird cage necklace or the hot air balloon one. Such a cute shop!

Elizabeth Johnson said...

I am celebrating life today! I have learned that it is all to fragile and not a right, but a gift.

Micaela said...

i adore her shop and blog :) i got the compass necklace for a friend who travels a lot- so she'd always know where home was. Danni always packages things pretty so it's a go to place for gifts.

today i'm celebrating my last weekend before i start a new job next week.


& i do so love the layout. xo

Kim L. said...

i really love the maybe someday - french amour vintage style necklace!!! so lovely! xo

kimberly.long at gmail dot com

mamutopia said...

Today I celebrate I finished my homework early! And that it's weekend! And the super nice weather!

Anyway, cool giveaway :)

Michelle said...

today, I am celebrating my lovely and newly cleaned room! It was incredibly messy until I finally decided that it was unlivable in. :)

acoustic.symphony@gmail.com, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Today I'm celebrating Friday, The Beautiful Day, Graduation approaching, and so many people that I am fortunate to have in my life.

And Spring!


Tere Kirkland said...

Looks like I found your blog on the right day! What a great contest.

I'm celebrating two things: My 8th wedding anniversary this weekend (we got married pretty young), and my new Seychelles booties. ;)

Good luck to everyone who enters!

terekirkland @ hotmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

I love today because I finally had the courage to reapply to university for a different major.
email: priya91martin@hotmail.com

Linure said...

Celebrating the sunny weekend!!

I love so much the pins.
By the way, great blog from a spanish reader :)


What The Fuck Ever said...

Oh there are sooo many cute things in this shop! I think my favorite is the "stay a while - simple tree necklace."

I <3 your blog so much! Thanks for always giving me something beautiful to read =D


What The Fuck Ever said...

My Tweet:



What The Fuck Ever said...

And today... I'm celebrating the sunshine! Finally getting out of this cold Chicago winter and saying goodbye to the snow! Nothing can make me smile as wide as when the sun shines its rays warm on my face. =D


Unknown said...

Um, just one item? The amour necklace is to die for, as is the kissing kids filigree ring, and the flower filigree rings...


danica said...

Today I am celebrating my newborn nephew. What a beautiful baby he is! It fills my heart just to hold and look at him.

Unknown said...

We are celebrating the sun with a picnic in the backyard and some swimming (to make up for shots...)

danica said...

I visited the Oh hello friend shop & I adore the nest(ed) vintage floral hair pins and the time of your life pocket watch. So many adorable items!

ginger said...

i blogged about it here: http://mommaginger.blogspot.com/


Eliza said...

I guess the 'time of your life - lovely pocket watch clock necklace.' is my favourite one, oh it's terribly beautiful ♥

Eliza said...

I tweeted: http://twitter.com/lesondelamer (my tweets are protected, but still!) ♥

Eliza said...

Oh, and I'm celebrating the beauty of the earth today :) I bought some lovely tea and went out to see the marvellous sunlight. ♥

erin meagan said...

The layout is gorgeous! I always skip over entering contests, because I never win, but I thought i'd try anyways!
today i am celebrating just how lucky i am!

Anonymous said...

what a great giveaway! i am celebrating friday, the end of another week and start of the weekend!
yay about the layout too! it looks so great and all our effort and time put into it turned out wonderful!

Rose, Pearl and Grace said...

I love the giveaway, particularly the hair pins. I blogged about this giveaway at http://theskytheykeep.blogspot.com

Enjoy the weekend,


Rose, Pearl and Grace said...

I love the giveaway, particularly the hair pins. I blogged about this giveaway at http://theskytheykeep.blogspot.com

Enjoy the weekend,


muchlove said...

what a lovely giveaway :)
today I'm celebrating creativity and the many ideas I have swirling around in my head that I can't wait to turn into a reality.


Kristen said...

Love all 4 things! So perdy!!!!
Posted at: http://freshwaterpurls.blogspot.com


Alina Rădulescu said...

I am so sorry I missed this! Anyway, I will share my celebration with everybody! Today I am celebrating a little baby's first going to the church! I simply love babies so it will be a great joy for me!
I am also celebrating that I have the best bf. He is French and I would have loved to show him the "Amour" ring, but c'est la vie!
Good luck! Gorgeous layout btw! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the 'after the calm - simple antique brass vintage key necklace.'
beautiful giveaway!


thanks xx

Michelle said...

I absolutely adore the beloved vintage hair pin set !


Michelle said...

OH ! and I'm celebrating spring setting in + my swimming times getting faster (;

Eyeliah said...

these hair pins are so pretty: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=44471471 thanks for a giveaway
eyeliah (at) stylesymmetry (dot) com

Alina Rădulescu said...

I just realised that the deadline is next week I am with my head in the clouds. Silly me. As I said I absolutely adore the "amour" ring and I also made a little passion for this item http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=43954181
I twitted the give away at http://twitter.com/ariko

Good luck everybody. Today I will also celebrate subscribing for this!

Alina Rădulescu said...

Email adress: ary_ko(at)yahoo.com As I said, heads in the clouds!

Anonymous said...

I am celebrating my sister, grandma, and exboyfriends birthday!
You blog is lovely.

angela said...

celebrating out of town family and how happy they make me!


angela said...

i adore the papparazi - a filigree camera ring in the shop..its perfect.
i tweeted also!


Anonymous said...

the calm of summer day necklace is lovely! :D

Anonymous said...

I am celebrating that I have most probably found the man I want to spend the rest of my days with!

laura (dot) maray at live dot com

Jane D. said...

tonight i am celebrating everything! life! happiness! everything (:
and i'm thankful for it all too <3

Jane D. said...

yay i love ohhellofriend!
my favorite item from her shop right now is the moment in time necklace! so cute <3

lahana said...

hello, today i'm celebrating new city life. i came here last night and the new day has began. time to yummy breakfast. I adore the all items in the shop but especially love the calm summer day a pocket watch necklace. thanks for the giveaway. best wishes...


MeganElisabeth said...

i missed reading your blog. thankfully i have the internet back so i can read it again! it's still fantastic!

Damsels said...

my favorite is the melody - petite harmonica necklace.

very beautiful!

Charmaine said...

I'm celebrating a family day out today together with my brother who just came back from overseas. What a lovely Saturday to me :)


Christie said...

love the amour necklace and ring!

veronica said...

I've visited the shop... and the 'hoy air balloon necklace' inmediately caught my eye!

Wish you a lovely weekend! :)


xiaomei said...

Today I celebrating the talk of the future..the trips...but most importantly of FOOD! All the wonders, taste, texture, awesome taste food can bring..hehe <3


amstervrouwtje said...

Geweldig! Echt perfect stuff.
Elkaar linken een leuk idee?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog so much, it's adorable! Today I am celebrating the lovely weather that has been taking over!


Vicky Raigo said...

i love, and today celebrate, flowers of all kinds and colours (especially pink peonies)!
i adore your blog!

Vicky Raigo said...

twitted! http://twitter.com/vickyraigo

Vicky Raigo said...

oh, and my favourite item from Oh hello friend has to be the jane-lovely cameo and bow necklace ♥ i looooove it

Holly Brannigan said...

I am celebrating our new car, family and the sunshine! Today we had a lazy morning, went to the garage to pick up our cute, little, white run-around; "Semolina" then picked up the family and drove to the beach. Now we are cooking lamb curry and will have a lovely evening over with the rents and sisters!

I would name this day 'national semolina day' for that is definitely what we are having for dinner!

Holly Brannigan said...

oops, my email is holly@thebrannigans.com! xxx

Nicola said...

Today I am celebrating spring, and spring cleaning. Oh, and also the wonderful invention that is innocent smoothies :)

Mells said...

Celebrating a day in the life, and life is good.


Unknown said...

i love all of her jewelry! Everytime she stops by Irvine I always end up getting at least 3 things!It's just so cute!

i love the Maybe Someday French Amour Vintage Style Necklace!to die for!


jessica Summer said...

I love the Glimmer of Hope Paper Crane Necklace! Everything in the shop is so lovely and delicately pretty.

♡ thanks for doing a giveaway

email: jessicaenl@hotmail.com

Emily Tooker said...

I am celebrating my best friend's 21st birthday today! While she goes and enjoys the bar scene, I'm babysitting her beautiful baby! It's been a great day!

Jennifer Young said...

i love danni! i am huge fan of her up in the clouds (lovely charm button pins)!

congrats on the new layout!

Jennifer Young said...

today i am celebrating being home for my birthday! i have a week off! can't wait to spend time with friends and fam!!!


Jennifer Young said...

tweet tweet!


Sandy a la Mode said...

Congrats on a beautiful new layout~! My favorite item from oh, hello friend is the castles in the sky - gold filigree locket necklace! I just bought it a few weeks ago and every time I wear it, I get TONS of compliments! =)

Thanks for a chance at winning!


Sandy a la Mode said...

I tweeted about this giveaway!



Sandy a la Mode said...

Today I am celebrating my first time making green tea cupcakes and the fact that I finally finished cutting/taping the pattern for my first that I am about to sew! =)


Thank you again for this wonderful giveaway!

xiaomei said...

I love the ordinary day - simple whistle necklace and the time of your life - lovely pocket watch clock necklace on the oh hello friend shop =)


JinxMeSober` said...

There are so many lovely things.. The *time of your life - lovely pocket watch clock necklace is just adorable :)
I just love pocket watch clocks.
I posted it here in my blog:

I am celebrating today for I have finally finished my Easter holiday homework of 2 essays and 1 composition and 2 50-questions-multiple-choice WS in one day, since school starts again tomorrow...

P.S. I love your blog


JinxMeSober` said...

and my email is

Beta said...

I am in love with this shop. I think I would love to have just everything. Bus especially sewing machine necklace, ohhhh


Beta said...

Here I also tweeted about it http://twitter.com/BetaBoutique


Beta said...

And today I am celebrating spring. And that I am madly in love. Again. Ohhhhh.....


Clio said...

Lovely post, I love your blog!
Today I am grateful for the beautiful weather, we didn't have a cloud in the sky in Dublin today. I am grateful for walking dogs, kissing my boy and hanging out with friends playing frisbee. The last day of Easter holidays... sigh

Amanda Joy said...

Thanks for the giveaway! Today I'm celebrating the fact that I finished a fun home project.


Basia said...

Today I'm celebrating that I don't have go to the University and I can do whatever I wan to do :) And it's spring and just next to my house they selling delicious ice creams!

I love your blog btw. So many beautiful things in one place ;] Keep going,good luck!

my mail: dancingdream@hotmail.com

AM said...

What a beautiful giveaway! It was so difficult to decide on all of the sweet little items (I had to add the shop to my favorites list). I am impartial to the hair pins as I have started quite a collection for my little girl. The candi(ed) ones were especially lovely. Thank you!

Cassandra Dias said...

Oh wow! Well my favorite item from her shop would have to be that little harmonica necklace! It's so sweet :)

Thanks for the chance to win!


Cassandra Dias said...

...and today I am celebrating the fact that I have the day off :) Going to catch up on my crafting!

Sarah Stewart said...

Today I am celebrating the freedom one has to begin something anew. Your blog is beautiful, thanks for sharing. My email is beyondyourgardengate@gmail.com

ashley // chasing heartbeats said...

What a lovely post and everything in her shop is gorgeous!
today i celebrate love and how lucky i am in my life to have so much love, an amazing man and incredible friends and family.
xo ashley


Anonymous said...

I fell for the keep you forever - 'love me' yes or no spinning arrow necklace, you can tell, I'm an indecisive person ;D

Anonymous said...

Here is my tweet! http://twitter.com/slipCRISIS/status/12076833613

Anonymous said...

Third comment! Today I'm celebrating laughter and way-too-bright pink nail polish, I believe it is things like those the ones most underrated and uncelebrated. I'm toasting on orange juice!

My email, sweetpalomitas at gmail dot com

Kelley Anne said...

I'm celebrating unexpected encounters and the stability of my home life. I don't know if that makes any sense, but its what I'm most happy about today:) noticiabella@hotmail.com

heleen said...

Hoi Mila! Waw, als ik je bedankje op het einde van deze post lees... jullie 4 vormen samen het kwartet van zowat m'n favoriete blogs! Haha.

Ik hou echt van Danni's etsy winkeltje. Het mooiste item vind ik die ketting met het uurwerkje eraan, "time of your life pocket watch". Ik zag laatst iets heel gelijkaardigs in een winkel, maar t was te duur voor m'n studentenbudgetje :(

heleen said...

Oja, vandaag vier ik het mooie lenteweer! En dat doe ik door middel van appelpannekoekjes te bakken en die in het gras op te eten. ^^

heleen (heleen.deboever [at] hotmail.com)

Steph said...

What a lovely giveaway!

I love the sight(ed) hairpins and the whisperous rain brooches the most. :)


Cecily said...

I was offered not one but two summer internships in LA today! Serious cause for celebration : ) cecily.haubner@sc.stephens.edu

Unknown said...

today I'm celebrating being young and free. =)


Unknown said...

today I am celebrating love and luck. buried treasures, special friends, and living life in the city.


Rusthawk said...

From the site: I love the 'time of your life' pocket watch necklace. Thanks for a chance to win your lovely giveaway.

Rusthawk said...

Today I celebrate life, health and prosperity.

Anonymous said...

I am celebrating the gift of life and the gift of love. From my Creator, family, real friends, strangers and the love of my life. xo

I love transformed by - a vintage sewing machine necklace by oh hello friend. Lovely lovely pieces!

Anonymous said...

I also tweeted!

sharon said...

i love the little hair pins:)


sharon said...

i am celebrating a move and all the hope and dreams it brings with it!


tiffany. said...

i DIE for the Japanese tape!!! SOOO adorable!


Anonymous said...

How beautiful!

Today I celebrate the beautiful sunshine <3


Risya! said...

Hii! ENTER ME plss~~
I'm Risya.
My Email: Risya271(at)yahoo(dot)com

Mandatory Entry:
*visited the shop & really like the it's lovely here - a floral branch charm necklace. so cutee & pretty^^ (http://www.etsy.com/listing/41806264/its-lovely-here-a-floral-branch-charm-ne)

Risya! said...

Additional Entries:
*tweeted here (http://twitter.com/risyahoneydew/status/12269712568)

My Email: Risya271(at)yahoo(dot)com

Risya! said...

Additional Entries:
* I'm celebrating my last week of holiday now with yogurt & a cup of tea in my garden^^ as next week is my University final semester exam!^^

My Email: Risya271(at)yahoo(dot)com

Unknown said...

Today I am celebrating a couple of friends birthdays, and also knowing who i am because as a bit of an introvert i'd rather not go to the party. But i am optimistic it will turn out ok!


Christy クリスティ said...

She has so many gorgeous, wonderful things in her shop. My fave item is

at last - vintage kissing sparrows necklace.


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Darren Demers said...

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tonenaez said...

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