Lovely Give Away {JeSophi}

I am so happy to announce this wonderful Give Away!

The lovely Sophia from Canada
has this gorgeous Etsy shop JeSophi.

For this Give Away
you can win an amazing set of prices!
Everything is handmade with love by Sophia.
Some of the items are unique
and not for sale in her shop!

There are three ways
to enter this Give Away:

1} Visit JeSophi and comment on this post
by telling about your favorite item from the shop.

2} Blog or twee about this Give Away
and comment on this post with the link.

3} Comment on this post
and tell us about your love for handmade items!

You can enter this Give Away
until Friday April 23, 10.00 AM
(Dutch Time: GMT+1)

Good luck, dear readers!


JeSophi offers every Loveology reader
a 10% discount on any purchase from the shop!
Just add the code: Loveology in the check out box or the PayPal message.


uma said...

So many great things in this shop!! But I think that "My lovely pony" is my favourite!

Brittan said...

As an artist who loves hand made items, this is a great giveaway!!! I am going to check out her shop right now!!!

heleen said...

Jij vindt echt altijd de leukste dingetjes op het internet he :) Ik kende haar winkeltje nog niet, maar alles wat ze verkoopt is zooo mooi! Vooral haar The Bloom Passion ketting vind ik fantastisch; een perfecte combinatie van schattigheid met simpele details. Dat balletschoentje, ah!, zo lief!

Sarah Klevan said...

ik vind handgemaakte spulletjes altijd zo bijzonder. het kan nooit hetzelfde worden de volgende keer. uniek
ik vind amethyst point op haar etsysite heel mooi

Laura said...

Hello :)
I already visited the shop and my favourite item is the "Alice in wonderland Rabbit Clock Necklace".
Handmade items are so beautiful! They are all unique because everyday you make one, you feel diferent. Handmade pieces are little bits of love that we share with others :) If I could I would only wear handmade stuff... They are so pretty. They worth so much more than those we buy on stores! :)

Here is the link of my tweet: http://twitter.com/LauhMalfoy :)

julieb said...

oh, i love love all the whistle neclases, and the envelope one. so so cute!

Eliza said...

My favourite one is most certainly the Seek and Peek - telescope, spy glass pendant necklace :) It's wonderful.

Oh, what can I say, I love handmade things more than anything that can be bought in stores, it's so beautiful to think someone made it with their own hands, with love and care. Nothing can really be compared to that. I try to wear and have around me as many handmade items as I can :) and I try to make them too, of course. It's pure magic.

What a wonderful giveaway, dear. And thank you for the wonderful words you left on my blog, I don't know what to say. You inspire me so much. ♥

Unknown said...

So many cute things! I like the 3 flower post earrings and the gold envelope necklace! So adorable.

Lucy said...

I love making things myself and hoping to set up an etsy shop soon!
i love the rocking horse and the tiny little acorn!
ive twittered your giveaway!
im 'shinythoughts'

fingers crossed!

xiaomei said...

I really into whistle necklaces these days!

so I adore Gold bullion Whistle, and the Seek and Peek - telescope, spy glass pendant necklace is pretty cool too!


Sandy a la Mode said...

oh my this is such a beautiful shop and giveaway! i have hearted the je sophi shop on etsy b/c i just love it! my favorite item would be the
Gold envelope (small envelope)... the little flower on it just caught my eye b/c it is soo lovely!! thank you so much for a chance to win!


Sandy a la Mode said...

*chirp chirp* I spread the word on Twitter! http://twitter.com/sandyalamode/status/12305216201


The Mir said...

I love the bear necklace on JeSophi, from a little distance it's like the bear is looking angry, but up close he (or she) looks kind of happy. It's a perfect example of handmade charm, it has handmade faux fur marks and it's made without a mold. So that bear will never be made the same way again, it's unique!

Great you always do give aways Mila, I couldn't resist participating!

erin meagan said...

i love anything cupcake based! i also really like bows. oh boy, this would be just glorious to win.

ABCDErica said...

I love handmade things because the sentiment that goes to it is so much worth the price. It shows how a person's care can create something so beautiful, like these neat things!


ABCDErica said...

I just adore the little envelope necklaces--I've always found a thing in my heart that jumps at the sort of thing that has a hidden entrance, in this case, how it actually folds out and you can put stuff in there. I'm guessing it's from reading too many Nancy Drew books or hiding letters in the garden for fairies to read when I was a kid. :)


Anonymous said...

lovely giveaway! i love handmade items because they have so much more meaning than regular store bought items. all the effort and time that went into producing one item is far more special than manufactured items. plus, they always look unique and pretty too!

Missa said...

What a lovely shop and such a sweet giveaway! I adore the amethyst point necklace the most (my birthstone!).

Thanks so much for the heads up my dear ;) Hope you're having a wonderful spring so far!

Elizabeth Johnson said...

What a great shop! I LOVE the telescope necklace.. so, so cute!

Elizabeth Johnson said...

I love handmade items because they tell a story, they are created with care and love, and they are derived because of a passion and creativity that is dwelling in another human being. They are also incredibly inspiring, no?

A Scoop Full of Spark said...

I absolutely LOVE the sweet cupcake necklace and the I Can't Live Without My Cloud necklace! They are both adorable! :)


A Scoop Full of Spark said...

Handmade items are awesome because of their uniqueness! No two items are exactly the same which makes them special. :)


A Scoop Full of Spark said...

I blogged about the giveaway!



A Scoop Full of Spark said...

I tweeted about the giveaway! (@JennaAllen)


Anonymous said...

These pieces are sooo CUTE! I love them.
I perused through the shop and gosh, there are soooo many cute, unique, pretty things.
Handmade things have something special about them which I love.


Laura said...

Wow, this giveaway is beautiful!! I wish I could make things as lovely as these.. I <3 handmade though! I always make things as presents, it's so much nicer when it's been sewn together with love.

beautiful giveaway, thankyou!! xx


Anonymous said...

I just looked at her shop and it is beautiful. I love handmade things, especially the character that they have.

Chani said...

They are just the sweetest little things! I love the envelope necklace :)

Chani said...

I adore handmade items, especially those with a vintage style. There are so many unique and truly creative things around! I love to create myself too, jewelry, paper goods and I like sewing too.

Kim L. said...

I really love the Savage SILVER BOWnecklace !!!

kimberly.long at gmail dot com

Clare Tea said...

Oho! Another lovely shop to favorite~ So many beautiful things! I'm going to have to heart at least a dozen of them. My most favorite has to be the telescope necklace though, very original! The Victorian clock is so intricate...

le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

Clare Tea said...

my tweet :http://twitter.com/icitea/status/12382200213

Clare Tea said...

I'm a kinesthetic learner, so I've always loved to work with my hands. Making handmade items helps me express my creative side, as well as relieve stress from school. There's also an added personal element, since you know someone spent time and effort to specially make an item uniquely for you. Handmade is the best!

le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

Jennifer said...

I love so many things from this shop, especially the telescope!


Jennifer said...

As a knitter and crocheter myself, I have a love and pride of handmade items.


t said...

Cool giveaway! My fave would be the Drop in Time necklace.


Unknown said...

Oh what a beautiful giveaway again Mila!
My favourite piece is my little pouch necklace
so sweet to have a purse on a chain!
I'm so liking the large golden butterfly necklace.
keeping my fingers crossed, itd be a delight to win,
love kat xox

thea said...

i'm not entering just wanted to comment to say I frickin LOOOOve jesophi!!!!! she's a genius with cuteness!!



rebecca said...

the earrings the earrings! i am quite in love with everything this woman does. my fiance got me the carousel necklace for christmas and it basically was the best gift i have ever received!

Eyeliah said...

great giveaway, the balloon necklace is after my heart http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=34734743

nicole said...

1. My favourite item from the shop would definitely have to be the three flower earrings, they're so delicate and incredibly detailed:

2. I blogged about the giveaway:

3. I adore handmade items because no two are exactly the same. When something is handmade, it's like a fingerprint. It doesn't get more special than that.

My email is: nicolecooper@live.com.au

Thanks for this opportunity, all of these masterpieces are just so gorgeous!

Clio said...

Wow what a beautiful shop!
my favourite are definitely these flower earrings


they are just so romantic and beautiful, I may just go buy them!


Katyha said...

It is all gorgeous!! My favourite is Savage silver bow necklace.

Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely is the 'Drop In Time' necklace! I'd love me some of these.

lahana said...

Hi,they are all lovely and my fav is the gold nature leaf necklace, so romantic. Thanks a lot. Have a beautiful day...

jumping coconut said...

i love the spy glass necklace in the shop! can't believe it actually extends and retracts. Adorable shop

Khansa said...

Wow those handmade items amuse me!! I absolutely love handmade items 'cause they show us that god has given a pair of great hands for human ;)And handmade items are SPECIAL.

and my favorite item is :
Hot air balloon with lovely colors!

btw, i tweet 'bout this giveaway on my twitter : http://twitter.com/khnst/status/12632704173


Kindle said...

We are more than happy to see those giveaways.

jenn of boy howdy daily said...

I love the "I have a little secret" necklace. so Cute!

jenn of boy howdy daily said...

also love the harmony brass heart. so cute.

Anonymous said...

her stuff is beautiful! i love that gold bullion whistle necklace!

Anonymous said...

also, i love handmade items because i know that a lot of hard work went into each piece. it makes it so much more personal & valuable because of that!