Can you believe it?
It's already Loveology's 402th post!
I am kind of proud, to be honest, and i never ever thought this blog would get so many amazing comments!
Thanks to you guys (girls)!

Thank you so much, again! <3
You really don't know what it means to me. You really don't...

To celebrate this, i thought it would be nice to just make a beautiful post full of pictures i adore, that touched me. Hopefully they will touch you too...

Sometimes i love to hide behind my hair.
One of the reasons i will never cut it short again...

One of the sweetest things i saw the last couple of days...
Flickr and blog.

Do you also sometimes
feel like you're drowning?
Well, i do.
I stay above the water
the water carries me
to the next stage
of my ever changing life.

I should read this over
and over
Will i ever believe it?


Blue skies...

you are so beautiful
and out.
Don't let me go.

People should read
much more.
Reading is
and so much more.

Ooh, remember that time
you were just a kid.
Sweet and innocent.
You din't know about this world
and only saw the beauty...

Let the assholes in your life
say what they wanna say
just don't take it
too seriously
assholes will
always be
And they will
be there.
are they really assholes?

Drive away with
Far away,
to places i've never been.
And maybe'will never see again.

Yes, it's all so beautiful
why make such a mess of everything?

(Pictures from weheartit.com. If you recognise any picture that belongs to you, just leave a comment and i will give you credit immediately.)


Love Simone said...

wonderful. as always, thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

what an absolutely beautiful and touching post... great reminder of the beauty of life.. thank you.

jEeRo said...

wOw 402 post!!..congrats Mila!
love all the pics and those words u wrote..

Fym said...

Assholes will always be assholes. Hmmm...pretty true!

Beautiful beautiful pictures & words! You deserve all the great comments, really... =-)

mai said...

so sweet, as always.

tigermilk said...

yayyy 402 posts and still fresh with pure inspiration and beauty! way to go girl!

Anonymous said...

congrats on your 402! super cool :o)


Maame Agyeben said...

Hey absolutely love your blog. Congratulations. It's lovely how you are so honest and vulnerable. Keep up the good work.

Check out my new blog.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I love your blog, it is so inspirational <3

Kimberley Brandsma said...

Gefeliciteerd!<3<3 Je blog is een grote inspiratiebron voor me 8)<3

Dat klinkt eigenlijk best dom maar ik meen het.8)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous and so honest, like always. congratulations on 402 posts. you are amazing! such an inspiration...

leeselooks said...

402 posts of

beauty. perfection. inspiration. love. heartfelt. genuine. pretty things. fashion. your heart...

thanks for inspiring me pretty lady!

you are such an amazing woman, and i feel blessed to have met you!


Anonymous said...

Je weet alles zo prachtig neer te zetten.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mila! It seems we have a long way to go before reaching your level.
Beautiful post, I love those pictures, very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mila !

# 402 post thats really a lot. And Im sure there are more to come. And no I never feel like drowning I sometimes feel like falling though. But then I try to remind myself that there are many ways that lead to Rome. So I dont have to compare myself with other people and how they are seemingly doing. :)

Baybay Mama said...

Congratulations! That is a lot of posting! I loved the photo of the bunnies as well as the first quote.

Anna Wallace said...

what lovely pictures as always. i am so with you on the long hair thing. right now it is the longest it has ever been and i just want it to keep growing and growing....

Alice X said...

i absolutely love your words mila, gorgeous pictures and good reminders to live with everyday in life. ee cummings is one of my favourite poets ever.


Johanne said...

Congrats on 402! I love the picture with the two bunnies! So so cute<3

D. said...

Congratulations on 402nd post! I hope you'll write at least 402 more :D

Anonymous said...

this was absolutely lovely to read. and especially nice to look at <3

Anonymous said...

this was absolutely lovely to read. and especially nice to look at <3

agnes said...

very very sweet post, my dear :)
btw, your use of words are also very beautiful... keep it up!

AND CONGRATULATIONS for your 402 post!

katy said...

congratulations on 402!
i feel so honored to have my bunnies included amongst such beautiful images and words... your blog is an inspiration... always such lovely reminders and new thoughts to be found

makemoremistakes said...

You are beautiful. I love you and miss you. I will try to write you a message back on facebook as soon as I can. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!


sarah said...

Oh mila, thank you so much for your comments. I'm not as good in words as you are, but if I could have put them down like you did, I would have done it. I feel the same about you. I just feel what you feel, by reading it, or at least I really believe so. I hope you'll always remember this, so that whenever you feel blue again, you know I've felt the same. and sharing helps healing. it does.

And I also love to hide behind my hair. I love to have my bangs before my eyes. Then I can still see people, but they can't see my eyes. I hate it then, when I drive my bike and my fringe is blown out of my face. I hate my face. and I feel so naked without it, so vulnerable.

But well thank you mila,
thats all i wanted to let you know
thank you so much

Anonymous said...

the 2 rabbits are so sweet!
and long life to your lovely blog!

Anonymous said...

the 2 rabbits are so sweet!
and long life to your lovely blog!

chelsea jade said...

your blog inspires me.

and i'm always taken by pictures of unmade beds.

chelsea jade.

Rosie said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful

congradulations on the 402 posts!! amazing.

everything in this post is so very very inspiring. it makes me want to go outside. possibly to the lake, and feel the wind in my hair. and watch the water. peaceful and beautiful.

oh i too could never ever cut my long hair. i would feel so lost without it. when i was younger, i had hair that went all the way down my back, and reached the tops of my legs. then i got it cut when i was about 13 to my shoulders, and it felt awful, as though someone had cut my arms off!!! i felt so exposed and vulnerable.

thank you for the beauty you share, the words you write, the emotion you make me feel. it is wonderful.


cleolikesyou said...

how lovely Mila!
en gefeliciteerd natuurlijk, met je 402ste post;)
weer een geweldig mooie en inspirerende post..
fijne zondag! x

j. said...

Congratulations on making 402 posts Mila! I love the first quote and I really should remind myself of it every chance I get. :-)

Looking forward to more inspiration and beauty from you!



AshleyL. said...

Lovely collection yet again! I used the "you are beautiful" tree pic just the other day :) Great minds think alike!

Stine said...

Hi :-)
So many beautiful pictures, you must keep on the good work, I'll be following you're blog :)

above.the.sky said...

Awwww, the bunny picture is great! (:

herecomesthesun said...

Well done on getting to so many posts! I can't wait to be able to say the same.

Your blog is always so captivating and a great read when i'm sitting down to enjoy a cup of tea.

Happy blogging mila xx

AMM blog said...

LOVE that saying at the top, made my day! ;)

Kelley Anne said...

Maybe being happy is also learning to appreciate the imperfections in life...maybe:)

sophiejade said...

i absolutely love the first quote and it is exactly how i feel right now.

i also love your playlist, definately my favorite carla bruni song.

Joyti said...

What a beautiful, beautiful post! It makes me feel...light-hearted and full of hope

Anonymous said...

hi there. i have given your blog an award. you already have it (i think), but i realized that after i gave it to you on my blog.

leona_stam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
leona_stam said...

congratluations to you!
I've seen your bolg for a month ,but i didn't start a membership of this.
Now,i finally got one.
It's grate to read all the words and pictures in your blog.It makes
me feel the same feeling .
By the way,i come from Hong Kong,
nice to meet you!
I hope yuor blog will have more and more post!!

Jenny Sue Jewelry said...

the pictures you find are always so beautiful, thank you for sharing.

Matilda Iréne Linnéa said...

You sweet thing! You mean a lot to me!

<3 Matilda

Nicki's Notebook said...

Thats is such a sweet and moving post - I really enjoying reading it! x

Meg said...

oh, we must get together sooner than later, love...

did you get my message on FB...write back when you are able...XO

hugs, hugs, hugs.

Unknown said...

well done mila!
so true when you were just a kid...

Helen said...

HA love the bit about assholes... I've been meeting a fair few recently, about time I realised they will always be there!

FELICITY [!] said...

congrats darling! x
as always, your blog is so inspirational!
stay sweet :)

Susanna-Cole King said...

402?! Oh my goodness, that's quite the accomplishment, my dear! And not many bloggers can make it to 402 posts, let alone, 402 exquisite, beautiful posts! Thanks for inspiring me again and again, your blog is always such a wonderful thing!

I love all these photos so much, it almost makes my heart hurt! I think the car/drive away photo is my favorite though, because that's how I feel like right now, hitting the road, with the sweet breeze coming through my window! <3

Anyway thank you so much for your comment, my sweet dear, you are one of my favorite people to hear from, and your comment totally warmed my heart! Also, I think it would be a wonderful thing if you came to NYC, come see me! And see if you can drag along that boy you met too! ;) <3

Take care my dear!


Margaux said...

Your blog is one of my favourites ever, I can't believe I didn't visit you for so long (although due to some computer problems...)

I didn't really like poetry until I found e.e.cummings. It's so beautiful.


Videla Exequiel said...

very beautiful story...
it contains pretty trues =)

Greetings Mila

Anonymous said...

Oh your blog is so lovely Mila! ..I am so sorry I haven't been reading as much of it during this school year. Congratulations on making so many posts. Each one is a little work of art!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, it's good to be loved <3

Vera said...

So inspirational, what a lovely lovely post!!

Chantelle said...

[big happy sigh]
Amazing as usual.

Relyn Lawson said...

I have only just discovered you. You can bet I will be back for more. Who doesn't need loveology?

Betsey said...

so amazing.
i love the ee cummings quote
i might just steal it

Anonymous said...

Those two bunnies are so adorable!!!

Toujours Dimanche said...

I am going to look beyond the imperfections. Nothing's perfect, even if your blind. Who would like something perfect, without challenge, without reality? Not me.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog — love it down to the music. And this post was well-timed as I sorely needed a pick-me-up after a bummer of a night. Thanks for the lovely reminders.

Anonymous said...

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