Just because

Today is saturday.
Saturday means no work, no study.
This saturday means sunshine and going to some thriftshops.
Oh, and making some polaroids of my very LAST package of film.
I need more film.

Oh, and of course i will be searching the heaven that's called the Internet for beauty. As i always do.
Sometimes i think you people must be getting bored of me showing only beautiful pictures, and sometimes some of my own polaroids or things i bought.
I rarely do any really 'interesting' posts, where i tell my opinions about things and stuff.

Do you miss that on this blog?
Are there any things you want to ask me?
Are there things you are missing on this blog?
Do you like the long posts, or would you rather see some shorter posts?
NOW is the chance to tell me! :)

Actually, i'd really appreciate some input from my lovely readers...



^ In my opinion this is certainly true. But does this also works the same with a blog?

There is this Scandinavian blogger i almost forgot about: Underbaraclara. I followed her blog for a while and than accidentally lost the link, so it's been a while since i last visited her blog.
Luckily it's still the same beautiful and inspiring place...

And her beautiful home...

In stead of only 'using' Flickr to find the most amazing polaroids, i decided to take a look at Polanoid.
I found some gorgeous ones...

These are shot by 'rabbitandsparrow' (unfortunately i can't find how to link this particular photographer from Polanoid). Luckily i also found her Flickr.

Beautiful tree shot, by Polanoid's 'threestories'.

Also, it is really time for some fall/winter things.
It's already quite cold here in Holland, so i have to change the way i dress.
I layer a lot lately. It's not only pretty, but the most comfortable too.

Lover the Label, for instance, is perfect for layering. Or not layering. It's perfect in both ways.

^ I know it's a long way till summer, but i just couldn't resist posting this beautiful bikini.

And Topsop...oh my dear Topshop. WHEN are you planning to come to Holland?
You just have to, it's unfair if you don't.

And this one is just love....so pretty!

Ok, i am going thrifting now and just being outside because the sun shines...

I am very curious about your opinions on the things i asked you in the beginning of this post!


young-shields said...

i for one am not bored of what you do...i think as a blogger you need to post what you love, rather than pander to what you think you should post about.

that first image = love

y-s x

Anonymous said...

Thanx for this link :) I have to know what this song is? I love it.

ryder said...

no your blog is cool.
polaroids are perfect... when i come to this blog i feel like i am in amelie film.

love that thing written on the wall. about veauty and intellingence.

what can i say, im about to go in topshop now:)

leeselooks said...

mila your blog is perfect b/c it comes from your heart.

your passion comes through the screen and that my girl is all you need.

post what you love.

if you feel like long ones, one day post all you want or if you're having a bad day post one picture.

either way we love you.

you're inspiring and honestly post the most beautiful pictures.

<3 those wedding pictures :)

i feel you on topshop! I can't even order offline.
topshop needs to take over the world.

have a lovely day.

Kimberley Brandsma said...

Mooi! Vooral de eerste foto, polaroids,Lover foto's en de Topshop body!
Ik vind je blog eigenlijk fantastisch zoals ie nu is. Ik vind je blog juist mooi en intelligent tegelijk.;) Ik vind de lange posts erg leuk, maar de kortere posts ook. Ik zou opzich wel meer eigen foto's willen zien(outfits bijvoorbeeld en je polaroids vind ik ook altijd erg leuk om te zien!).
Dus, keep up the good work!<3

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Hey! Where are you getting your polaroid film from? I am running out too! I think your blog has all the readers it does because of your unique style therefore to change anything would be to change what your readers love so keep doing the goodness your doing, have a good wknd!

j. said...

There's something about your blog that I just cant put my finger on-- I just know it makes me feel very happy as if Im going through someone's scrapbook.. I like that feeling. :-)


loveology said...

Thank you all so so much! <3

Underbaraclara: the first two songs on the playlist are from Yann Tiersen, i believe they are both from the movie Amelie.


j. said...

I was just about to ask again where the songs are from.. so soothing.. ;-)

Thanks very much for the comment! I would love to exchange links. ;-)



Ashleigh said...

so lucky that sat means no work,no study because today...THATS ALL IM DOING :( .... thanks for stoppin' by my blog ...good luck with the thrift finds!

Susanna-Cole King said...

My dear Mila, please don't change a thing, because I love the way you blog just the way you do! Part of the reason I was so drawn to your blog in the first place was not only because of it's beauty but because you had your own style and way of blogging, and that's part of what makes your blog so special! :)

And these pictures are gorgeous and inspiring as always, I love the warmness of your blog, it's like it's own kind of sunshine! :)


P.S. You're most welcome for the award, you deserve it truly, and thanks for your kind words deaar! <3

Anonymous said...

I just love your blog... it's my favourite one :) Your posts bring me so much joy and inspiration every day... :)) Thank you :) So don't change anything, it's just perfect...

Anonymous said...

i am am loving your blog! these are beautiful!

loveology said...

Thanks so much, lovelies.
I won't change a thing, i promise!


scout said...

your blog is made of things i love, dancing, the summertime, found objects like old postcards and photographs, colour and movement and grace.. its lovely and i wouldnt change a thing.

Anonymous said...

im not bored of your long post at all =)

i love your blog so much, it's full of inspiration.
long post, short post, it's still lovely ^_^

Unknown said...

it's all so dreamy, I just love it.

Anonymous said...

I like your long posts! Gives me more to read.. haha. I actually like your blog the way it is. The lovely pictures that you post are inspiring and I love to read your cute little comments underneath every picture (although I am quite curious about Mila - the person ;)).

Anyway, I think you should continue doing what you do, because many people seem to enjoy it. I am one of them. Your blog is addictive and I always visit it whenever I feel like getting in a good mood.

About the comment on my latest post, it's crazy!! So random. I've contacted him, so I'll keep you posted about what will happen. Weird things happen to me.

Hope you get the best weekend ever!
Much love

Hila said...

I think it's your blog and you should do what you like - and I for one love what you do :) I don't think you need to change a thing, unless you want to.

MDS* said...

Thanks a lot Mila, you are so sweet!
I'll be following your blog as well, you post the most beautiful pictures!


The Stylish Wanderer said...

truthfully, your blog is perfect in everyway!

love all of these pictures.

for me saturday entailed today an intense physical training. no fun.

ashley said...

dont ever change mila...i love that i can visit and be lifted into a world of beauty- your blog is reliable as a source of inspiration and warmth...it is perfection.
thanks for the polanoid link...somehow i had never found it!
happy week-end, hope you found some thrifty goodness...
x ashley

lune_blanc said...

Well you're a bit like me then! I posts only beautiful things, I don't write opinions, it's very visual and just showing what i found or what like :) I never get bored of looking at beautiful things, so your blog will never be boring to me. I don't mind if the blog is long or short.
Thanks for introducing me to Polarnoid also. Lovely.

HANNAH-ZOË said...

I love love love! your posts, to me they are a constant source of inspiration. Pleas don't change

Anonymous said...

Hi how are you?

I was looking through your blog and found it interesting! I have an art blog here in San Diego and would like to invite you to visit and enjoy and comment.

I hope you are up to it? Thank you and I hope to see you soon =)

Missa said...

Oh Mila, I agree with everyone else, your blog is perfect just the way it is :) and I think there definitely IS an intelligence that comes through in your posts.

There is intelligence in the way you combine beauty in the form of words and images, your appreciation for such vast types of beauty, and how you recognise beauty that's not always obvious and display it in ways that illuminate it.

One of the reasons I love your posts is because they aren't just "pretty", they have a depth and even sometimes a darkness to them that makes them special. So keep it up girl! :)

Hope you had great luck thrifting!!!

Windy Days said...

your blog is always full of beautiful things, and you should post what you like because it's yours! :)
did you find any thing nice when you went thrifting? hope you did!
love, a. xoxo

Fifikoussout said...

i think you're blog is just perfect like this !!
long posts full of beauty, ideas and inspiration !!
i love it !


Wild Keiki said...

I wouldn't love your blog so much if there weren't its constant supply of enchanting photos. They always put a smile on my face, dear! And I was only unsatisfied with being at work because I wanted to be running around on my saturday. Luckily, it rained all day so I was happy to be indoors. I'm also on my last pack of polaroid film, so unnerving!

Have a good Sunday, love.

pumps & luiers said...

Ik ben echt gek van je blog - ik houd ervan jouw visie op de wereld te lezen en vooral je geweldige foto's altijd - echt een inspiratie

pumps & luiers said...

Ik ben echt gek van je blog - ik houd ervan jouw visie op de wereld te lezen en vooral je geweldige foto's altijd - echt een inspiratie

jEeRo said...

i love long post with beautiful pictures/photos..which is the reason why i love your blog =)..hmm i think it doesnt matter whether is your post long or short..or whether we like the pictures/photos u put up..simply cz its your blog..so..ya..

well where im from theres TOPSHOP..but i dun really like the clothes..maybe its cz we dun have 4 seasons here..so they cant brin in alot of style..=<..nope we dun have LOVER THE LABEL here..booboo..

hows your weekend btw?..have fun?..=)..appreciate the effort u put in your blog..
U GO GIRL!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great blog,

but looooooose the music please its so annoying.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What was the question?

Lots of lovely things in your blog. A thing of beauty. All the best on your blogging and other creative endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Do not change a thing Mila! You are such a sweet relief!

Anonymous said...

I liked the music. Very unique blog. Don't know if could come up with abc's though.

Anonymous said...

your my daily read, looking forward to the inspirational beauty you put on here.
Thanks Mila

Marian said...

sweetie the beauty of your blog is that you focus on the beautiful,from the heart warming images to the tear inducing quotes. I think they are interesting! you dont have to do a fancy write up before it is beautiful my dear.Your blog is a calm oasis in the crazy storm!
I dont even know what to comment on as all is beautiful! ok i love you for the ABC tag as i love what images you used to illustrate each letter. the food images got me hungry!!!
the image of cooking in a beautiful kitchen made me yearn to move into that kitchen prompto!
The beautiful blogger has a lovely home,that wedding dress is dreamy!
Mila your blog is dreamy just as it is,i love reading it.
kisses and hugs my darling Mila,
Marian xxx

shill said...

current obsession : your blog!!!