home office inspiration

Since I am starting my own little company on January 1 2014 (!),
I am busy looking for inspiration to create my own home office.
I live in a tiny apartment, so possibilities are limited...
But that sure doesn't make it less fun!
I'd like my home office to look clean and cosy with lots of white and some pops of color.
One thing I know for sure is that I NEED a pretty sheepskin for my chair... 
Do you have an home office?
What does it looks like? I'm curious :)

(I found all images on Pinterest)
✿ More inspiration on my Heavenly Home Board ✿


Maggie Adofo said...

Beautiful photos. I Love the black and white inspired rooms especially.

Maggie A

loveology said...

Thanks dear Maggie :)

Liz said...

I've always loved that "Today I am excited about everything" sign. I also love white desks — I have one that has since become my makeup table.

Emeralds and Stripes

Dorn said...

Aww, I'd love to work there!

die dröge said...

What will it be the new job?

loveology said...

Thanks for your comments, dear readers!

@die droge; for my own company i am going to do all sorts of online things, Internet and fashion related :) i am planning to expand my company in the next few years with hopefully freelancing for magazines and maybe a webshop.
who knows what the future brings?

Iwona said...

I really like your blog! It' s very interesting:) I would like to show you A quick outfit recap of my looks of 2013 year! and If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts on topic my outfits:) I greet:) Iwona

Amber said...

how exciting!!! what kind of business are you starting? love this office inspiration! good luck :)


Alison Vinciguerra said...

beautiful post! one word of caution though: posting photos and saying you "found them on Pinterest" doesn't count for attribution. you need to seek out the actual sources of these photos! it's a disservice to those bloggers and photographers who created this content. for more information on why this is important, click here! xoxo {av}

loveology said...
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loveology said...

Ok, maybe I didn't say it clearly at the end of the post. But you can find all images on my Heavenly Home board (see the link) and you can find all sources there.

I understand this is important Alison, but you know as well as I do that it is IMpossible these days to find the ORIGINAL source of everything. I pin stuff from various Tumblr's and do they always link to the original sources? No.
I understand your point, really, but I also think people should just be happy when their stuff is all over the Internet. When they really don't want to, they just need to publish it in a magazine or something and don't whine about it when it's spread all over the Internet.
That's just how it is.
Besides, there are more important things to worry about.