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darkmuse said...

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Lilac Skin said...

Everytime I feel a little flat, I pop onto your amaaaazingly beautiful blog, and instantly feel sooo much better. You are amazing! Thank you!


Lilac Skin said...

oops! forgot to ask if you have a Facebook Page for your stunning blog? I would sooo love to be a fan if you do x

Knuffels a la carte said...

Another beautiful blog.

Laura said...

The quote on spirituality and art is definitely an interesting one... Though I'm far from a religious person, there is a spiritual side of myself that I find manifested largely in creative acts and I would argue that numerous artists feel somewhat the same. Beautiful selections in this post too!

about hollie said...

what wonderful images. recently you have been crediting the artists/designers/creators of these images but not for this post. who created the top image in the post?? it looks like a watercolour. i absolutely love it and NEEEEED to know how its by!!!!!