i am deeply in love
with these art pieces
i found at etsy...


marta said...

I have fallen in love too :)

Ruth May said...

AH! so inspiring!
I must go paint now! :)

Michele said...

Yes! Love these they are awesome!

flonlis said...

Dear Mila, I am a big fan of your site and would like to thank you with something I just ran into today. Its a link to a magazine called Paper Runway. http://www.paperrunway.com/

Paper Runway is a quarterly magazine that offers you a mix of
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Britt said...

Hi Mila! I love the paintings you posted, especially the second one. Do you have a link to the seller's shop on Etsy? I clicked on the painting, but it just took me to a page with the painting image. Thank you! - Britt

loveology said...

Hi Britt,

I've linked the picture to the Etsy listing. It's from VedaArts on Etsy.

Thanks so much to all of you for your lovely comments.


Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying reading your review/story and will come back later. btw Happy weekend!

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Britt said...

Thanks Mila! Take care :)