you should lovelovelove yourself

sources: click on pics and see their names.


agnes szucs said...

however you always manage to find the most amazing and inspiring stuff, i don't know, but you always rock, Mila!


Arlie said...

as always, I love what you love :)

Maycie said...

Beautiful photos.

LENA said...

Beautiful photos and amazing rooms! :)


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*indie_queen* said...

I want a green Smeg fridge and a pink room!

Anne said...

Beautiful inspirations as always! have a happy Thursday!

Sanna said...

So beautiful photos!

Ariel said...

Such beautiful photos! Your blog is wonderful... I seriously love all of the images!

~Ariel at http://adreamersdaze.blogspot.com/

Gina said...

Amazing photographs!
I would be so glad if you maybe look at my little page, too.
Thanks :)

Valerie said...

These are so inspiring, especially the tableware and the interiors. Thank you for sharing them. <3

jimena said...

I love the way you got to tell a story.
I borrow a picture of your blog

Anna Katharina said...

oh! pictures are fantastic! so inspiring and beautiful:-)
love the selection!

Anonymous said...

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guerrilla love nest said...

simply mosaic <3


The Sad-Eyed Girl said...

Wow, amazing mix!!

b. said...

Want, want, want one Smeg in my kitchen !
Every photo is beautiful, as always !