we must have invented time out of boredom

you know those words?
words another person wrote down
that just smack you in the face
and hit you hard
like a loved one can only do.

(the fact that i can't remember whom or where it's from
was another smack in the face,
but i did that one to myself though.)

there is no truth. we all have our own. to be addicted to self destruction.
because they told me
to do something with my life. nothing could hold me back
except myself.
unfortunately i wasn't there. god created us so we could create god.
he prays for me every night.
i feel so sad that he's wasting his time. i mean,
look at me.
he won't be coming back. ever again. of course. i wouldn't go back
to myself either.
unfortunately i am stuck in this place. hurt yourself to make sure
no one else does.
we always talk either too much or too little.

(SOURCES images: kara k kraus, (velvet momoko via yupoo),


lizzie said...

LOVELY post. such pretty words..and i HATE it when that happens...

Afra Klinkenberg said...

This is beautiful... : )

Anne said...

Pretty words indeed!

Timbarika said...

Wonderful!! xx

Basht said...

i used to feel that... wrote a poem with words like
I hurt myself so i won't hurt you.
I send you lots of hugs and happy thoughts.

Brian Quach said...

Very creative!! Please check out my brand new photo blog and flow! I think you might like it :)


heart in a cage said...

mooie post.


mckenzie. said...

so sad. it can be hard to let go.
don't let the melancholy swallow you, dear. xx

Glasses online said...

Beautiful view on the second picture. So calm and relaxing. Photo came out like a painting.

Francis John Poole said...

A true sensitivity.

With Love
Francis John Poole

Julia said...

'there is no truth. we all have our own.'

yesyesyes. love this.

Julia said...

'there is no truth. we all have our own.'

yesyesyes. love this.