on that late morning the sun never rised

but that didn't even matter
cause it already shined in my head ☀☁☂☃✈

check out and support all artists !

(mr kitley, lovenordic, 2.2, caroline gomez , her shop,
house and universe, mafia-hunt, tomoko nagai,
Ensuite, SEAN MARC LEE,)



kate funk said...

Fun photos! I'm loving your blog, just became a follower!

velvet cupcakes

Anonymous said...

the 23rd pic down describes the car ride home after an party...or a sad ending. hm.... love the blog!

kate funk said...

Of course you can use my photo I would be honored!

velvet cupcakes

Phelanie said...

love how cheerful the photos are, thanks for sharing these artists!


zoeamelea said...

Beauiful pictures!!
So cool!

b. said...

Lovely post ! You always come up with a beautiful collections of photos :)

Kate said...

These always make me smile. Thanks!

Travis McFarland said...
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Travis McFarland said...

Great use of a camera!!! You should really check out my photos!! We could make great photo pals!!


Wanda said...

lovely blog :)


Meg said...

Lovely blog...really full of life!
I follow you!
Follow me on http://themissidea.blogspot.com/!

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