i am a sarcast

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barbera berrada, jille magazine, BECI ORPIN, WEEKDAY CARNIVAL,
furzechan, raycious. + CLICK ON THE PICS !!!!

do you know this great site already?

I'd like to get to know you better, so if you like:
introduce yourself by answering these questions!☃

tell me what's keeping your mind busiest lately ?
what's the number 1 on your Christmas wish list?
can you walk on (in?) heels? (and i mean, REALLY walk...)
what piece of clothing in your wardrobe do you wear most?
share your favorite website / blog / thing on the internet!

AND some photos of my own....for a change!

(☟poor natalia...)

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there's more than enough space left ! :)


Isadora Filković said...

Such a great idea to sew cute buttons to the sofa!
And the upside down house... wow! Some things we seem to only be able to find in Japan :)
I'd love to go there in the near future.

About your questions... let's go!

My mind has been kept busy with plans regarding the future. I need to sort out a way to finish my Masters in Creative Writing next semester and find a new home in Melbourne.

The #1 thing on my Chrissy wish list is to be happy and surrounded by the people I love ♥

Hahaha, good question! I can, but as I am tall enough already (1.78m / 5.10”) I only wear heels if I really need to or feel like it. Most of the time I wear a pair of golden Melissa shoes I bought in Brazil around 3 years ago. Yeap, it seems like they'll go on forever ;)

Right now the piece I've been wearing most often is a blue/pinkish flowery dress I got a few weeks ago from someone very close to my heart. I must have worn it way too much already! I seem to overwear all of my dearest garments.

My favourite thing on the internet is good ol' Flickr. There are so many great young photographers displaying their beautiful work there!

How about you, Mila?

Hope you have a magical weekend :)

Fantastique Mémoires from the Outer Space

Ps.: I adore your white fluffy rug, it's gorgeous and looks so comfy!

Ali S. said...

I love your blog full of good ideas!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so lovely x hivennn.

Betsey said...

love these colors!

TINA said...

mind busiest - job hunting
number 1 - A black CDG Play cardigan
walk - No!
piece of clothing - White t-shirt from ACNE
favorite -

AViewfromtheShade said...

Your pictures are always so colorful! Inspired me to buy colorful stationary and throw some color into my primarily white room.

Charlotte Elise Jay said...

Gorgeous colours!!!

Char x

Vero said...

Great pictures!

Lovely post!

mckenzie. said...

Oh the little boy. He's so precious.
Your blog is definitely a favourite read.

ANewPairOfVintageBoots said...

love your blog! So colourful and inspiring!

Anonymous said...

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