This very lovely shop JAPONICAS
(full of handmade jewelry!)
is Loveology's newest sponsor!

and to celebrate,
they GIVE AWAY 2 of these beautiful "traveller necklaces"!

for yourself or someone you love...)

To ENTER this give away (until December 12!)
all you need to do is:

- comment on this post by telling what your favorite item is from the Japonicas shop

- let us know
why that particular item is your favorite

- end your post with your email address, so Japonicas can contact you if you are one of the two winners!

Also, the shop owners would like to offer you a 15% discount
with every purchase from their
Just add the code
"Loving Japonicas" in the message box when you check out!

(If you decide to purchase an item from Japonicas,
this will be entitled to additional chances of winning one of the two Traveller necklaces.
This also makes clear that Japonicas will choose the two winners,
in stead of the 'general number generator'
that I've used for former Give Away's on this blog.)

You can also visit japonicas'
And join their lovely newsletter here!



ikily said...

My favourite item is: Insousiant (NL052) because I love the birds and their freedom!

Email: ikily1604@hotmail.com

Thank u! ♥

Cath said...
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Francesca said...

i love the delicate sweet raine ring, but i must admit that i feel fated to have the "my favorite doll necklace"! it looks adorable, unique, and is a part of my heritage. not only would i love it, but my mother would love to see it on me. [:


Amber Whitecliffe and Hilary Johnston said...

WAY too many cute items to choose from, but probably the "colours of the wind" necklace because it will go nicely with my new summer wardrobe!
amber x


Anonymous said...

I love the floral hair pics because they're so delicate and sweet. I also love the traveler necklace that you're giving away!


Lavender Playground said...

I love to travel and I love to take pictures, so the traveler necklace perfectly describes who I am. It also looks cute with any outfit.


Karolina said...

My favourite is neckle traveller, because I love take pictures, and this neckle is not so romantic and good to wear in every outfit.


Christina said...

My favourites are the bow necklaces and the one with the camera! Their earrings are ver beautiful as well!!


Emikos Werid Unexplained thoughts said...

To be completely and utterly honest , I am not a jewelry wearier until i saw the rain earrings! and all the tea pot necklaces. ( i can pretend its coffee lol i love coffee lol) oooo! I cant forget the balloon one! I love that one to death!

I also loved the love as deep as the oceans ones,and all that reminded me of alice and wonderland. it was an utter bliss while I picked and chose what i wanted. its very nostalgic, and light weight i would enjoy it! Those are the reason i like them!

Email: Emikoftokyo@gmail.com

Carys said...

My favourite is Memory Lane Paris, because some of my favourite memories are from when I went to Paris, and it would be so nice to be able to look down if I ever feel a bit sad, and remember my lovely holiday.
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Andreia said...

My favourite item from Japonicas shop is "Ross. Gorgeous 2 tones pink and white big rose bud with sea blue and white glass beads, transparent bead necklace". It is so brigth and feminine and I love that colour mix!

my email: andreia@tricotaria.com

Anonymous said...

wonderful :



thrifty and nifty said...

I am really torn between the "I See You", "A Beautiful Tune", "Sewing" and the "La ou est mon moineau" necklaces. If I HAD to choose, and i suppose I do, I am going to go with the "I See You" necklace. All of them are quite stunning though.

annawithlove said...

What a lovely giveaway! Very exciting. I just spent the last 40 min looking through the website, what incredible talent, every piece is stunning!!

If I had my pick, I'd go with: A love Story. I am going to Paris in feb and would LOVE to wear it around the city showing it off! Also would be a good hand me down to the little sister as she adores Paris as well!

email: atsoulo@yahoo.com

thanks for the fabulous giveaway! xxoo


Erin said...
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Erin said...

Choosing a favorite piece is so hard! ALL of their products are beautiful and romantic, exactly the style of jewelry I love. I really love necklaces and thought the Orchids of Gold was beautiful. Orchids are my favorite flower, so usually I am drawn to any piece of art or jewelry incorporating them. :)



Behind the Lashes said...

I like Tresor de mer the best. I love the idea of the shell inside the gold. Just beautiful!!
myhealhtyglow @ gmail.com

sophialikeskittens said...

My favorite is the My Litte Doll necklace. I've loved matroshkas since I was little. Now they remind me of my time living in Russia. I also really love the rose rings and the winter acorn necklace. BEAUTIFUL!

Maire said...

My most favorite is the Beautiful tune necklace, but it was very hard to choose. I adore this necklace because I've always loved harmonicas and my father used to play tunes on them to me.

Maxim M said...
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julieb said...

i love love the "my favorite doll necklace" soooo cute!

Kellie W. said...

Wonderful giveaway! My favorite item in the store is the Once Upon London necklace, because I desperately want to live in London one day.


Victoria said...

New reader to this blog and this was the first time I have seen this shop. Gorgeous stuff!

The first one that jumped out at me was: NL103 Love as Deep as the Ocean. Why? I live near the ocean and am so inspired by it.


TigersandLions said...

My favorite item is my little garden. spring necklace. such a pretty necklace!


Natalie Elphinstone said...

I love the Colours of the Wind necklaces. I'm just loving those textured flowers on them, and the fact they come in different colours!

ginigin said...

It's all so lovely - thanks for introducing the site. My favorite necklace is Alice in the Wonderland. I love books and the bunny just hopped into my heart. A great memory is reading the book as a child.

lila Braga said...

WAY too many cute items to choose from,but I love traveler lots.Why? Because this is who i am ,a traveler with a camera always by my side and a the heart full of wonder.thanks for introducing the site.

Kristen said...

I love the my favorite doll necklace...SO PRETTY :) I have a thing for matryoshka dolls!


Aileen said...

I'm so glad I stumbled on Japonica's site through this blog post! It's hard to choose but my favorite would have to be the Traveller ^_^ It's so timeless and retro chic, and I LOVE the golden crystals embedded in the camera lense and especially as the french phrase "you are my destiny"! :) The necklace really makes me feel nostalgic for a day and age far in the past.

email: aileenma2000@gmail.com

Marie said...

i am really liking the d'or and raining earrings because they have this fun and whimsical feeling, yet still very classy! as if being classy doesn't mean being uptight. those earrings are very fun and would be great to add to an outfit that is lacking.


Anonymous said...

snowy noir must look fabulous with tulle ring. love that noir, it's looks so simple and fascinating at the same time. I would really love to win that neckless!


jessica grant c. said...

I love the necklace "Sewing" (NL036). It reminds me the days my mother spent sewing clothes, an art that I decided I'm going to learn and practice next year! :)
email: jessica.grantc [at] gmail [dot] com

Floddertje said...

Hi Mila!

I tagged you for some questions and answers!
The rules are on my blog if you want to play along!

I hope you're going well.

Leah Harrison said...

I like the "where is my sparrow" necklace because I've always wanted a birdcage necklace! It's so cute.

Leah H. (kyoko3468 at yahoo.com)

Rose said...

I love the pocket watch necklace as I LOVE alice and the white rabbit :)


Anonymous said...

I think the Traveller is my favorite (I love to take picutes) but I also love the Alice in Wonderland necklace!

Camila F.

Chelsea Ling said...

pocket watch necklace

Anonymous said...

I really really love the flower hair pins and flower rings, they are so cute and fun! :D

Suzy said...

I adore the Traveler necklace. My parents backpacked all over the world when I was a child, carrying me on their backs until I could walk.

My mom always took her vintage camera along, taking photos wherever we went. It was a sturdy little snapper, and though it did not have all the bells and whistles of the fancy newer cameras, it managed to capture the best pictures. It followed us from Indonesia to Spain, capturing the family moments we treasured so much.

My mom's much-loved camera has survived many a trip, each dent and scratch telling of our adventures. The buttons are polished shiny from our fingers rubbing on it. When I started off travelling with my friends in my twenties, I took the camera with me.

Seeing the camera on the necklace instantly transported me to these more carefree times. The camera on the necklace looks almost exactly like our camera, except with the gorgeous little jewels of course. I remember my mom's laughter, the aromas emanating from the French bakeries, and the flickering lights of lanterns floating in autumn festivals. And I remember that there's so much more to explore and learn in our journey through life, and that we should always treasure the wonderful times we share with our loved ones.


Katrina said...

Take a bow! Take a bow!

When I was little my mom use to put bows in my hair and I use to immediately tear them out!

Now I can't get enough of them! Funny how that happens, uh?


cerebral e said...

I love the Take A Bow necklace because it's like a little bowtie that can be worn even if you're not wearing a collared shirt.

elissa at iinet dot net dot au