Junkie joy

First post ever from my i-phone. I don't have internet anymore. I feel like a crippled. Internet is by far my biggest addiction. Admitted. Pic by Mikkel Vang. <3


Rachel and Kortney Fabiano said...

oh worst nightmare. iphone internet scares me. at least you were able to come by such a beautiful picture!


Anonymous said...

The iPhone is lovely, but nothing beats the computer. And no internet is the worst :( by far, my biggest addiction too!

Arlie said...

oh no!!! I too am more addicted to the internet than anything else. This is a love room pictured :)

Jess. said...

agh! I truly understand your plight! If I am home, I really can only go without internet for a day at most! It's easier when I'm away from the city, then it's sort of nice to shed myself of it. Be strong, dear! I hope all else is well!


Betsey said...

Oh yes, I don't know what I'd do without the internet! Glad you at least have your iphone though! <3

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Woah! I love this look!

Marinka said...

too bad hope you will be back on the web soon ^^

silvana maiorano said...

oh god....no internet!
i luv big big window
and hope u came bake sooonnnn