thank you, life

for giving people
such happiness.

I've known her
since the day she was born.
And I've loved her with
all my heart
ever since.

That's 24 years ago now.

Last Friday she got married!

Their gorgeous son Isai,
who's already turning 2 September 6th.

One of the most beautiful moments
of this special day:

she screaming to me
(while we were together in the 'ladies room',
me holding her dress up,
so she could go to the toilet...)


Marinka said...

OMG he looks so cute..Congratulation to them!

Miki's scrapbook said...

Oh, nice post! I love looking at pictures of happy people =).


kat said...

Oh what beautifully shared news. The happy couple looked wonderful,your sister so pretty, and her little boy is gorgeous !

Mila said...

thanks sweethearts for your kind comments! :)

FairyFaye said...

Congratulations!!! They look so happy! Thanks for sharing x

Miss Gray said...

What a wonderful moment :)
I'm sure it was a perfect day!

316009 said...

Looks amazing.

from: Avid follower


Perth Lawyers said...

love her wedding dress. so pretty

Gold Coast Lawyers said...

great post. really warm and fancy

Teabagstains said...

those words made me smile so much seriously. thanks for sharing x

K said...

She looks so happy and pretty, and their son is soo cute :)


ilsteviewonder said...

this is beautiful, omgosh and the baby is gorgeous =)

DIANA DYE said...

Your blog touched my heart my friend recently married and my other friends just celebrated their one year anniversary life is complicated but when people fall in love it just proved that life is also a massive adventure filled with adorable people and love!!♥ awesome post!

She looks charming and beautiful♥

Julie-Inspired said...

What a sweet story! Sisters are definitely special. I love mine too!

Julie xo

TheAL said...

Beautiful photos and the dress is gorgeous. Congratulations!

Daydream Lily said...

Mila, I missed this post. Congratulations to your sister, what a beautiful family

x Liss