Things like tears on walls

French store
Le Doux Dimanche...

I'd LOVE to have
this floral masking tape...

This is so stunning!
Clouds & raindrops / tears.
(I am the kind of person who
rather says tears.)

Asian print.

(Via Pikaland)

Must-have wallet.

Small, felt houses
are the cutest.

(By Chet and dot)

Bold in bottle.

(Found here)

Wall Beauty.

(From this pretty place)

(I am so sorry for the mess
around here, sweethearts.
I found so many stuff,
but organizing it all is more difficult.)


Michelle Elaine said...

always lovely stuff! you seriously have to tell me how you go about finding all the cute stuff ;)


Temporary:Secretary said...

The floral tape is so lovely!

~Abby~ said...

Wow I would love to have that tape too!
Aw that rain and cloud thing is cute!
And that little fuzzy house is sooooo adorable!

amba said...

so inspiring! thank you for sharing!

eden's elephant said...

Wow, LOVE love love these x

Marinka said...

those are really cute, I love those wallets and the cotton clouds

Anonymous said...

wonderful as usual <3

And I'm loving what you've done to the blog Mila

Look forward to your letter


Nataliya xx

Lulu said...

ohh....this post is truly lovely! so wonderful. ♥

Halie said...

Gorgeous photos!! I absolutely adore that floral masking tape...wonderful!!

iva yaneva said...

How pretty and colorful! I especially like the clouds with the "tears" :) and the masking tape is just gorgeous! Have a lovely weekend, dear! xo

Beth Ruby said...

Ah you find the cutest things.
Haha want them all!
But especially that floral tape, so many of my friends' birthdays are coming up and that would be so much better to wrap little pressies in that boring old clear cellotape.
Fab post and photos, much blogging love darling xxx

heart in a cage said...

ah, zo mooi allemaal!


Petra said...

Wow! Those are such cool and cute things ^^

Cool blog!!!

See Me Everywhere said...

I love that floral tape! It's so sweet! You could make presents look so sweet with those little things!


Ruxandra said...

Well, sometimes a mess is better than anything else in the world.Lovely collection of pretty things.Thank you for sharing it with us.Happy weekend!

Maria-Inés said...


lauren may said...

can i ask where the clouds with tears are from?
and the little felt wallets?? so cute!!!!

ilsteviewonder said...

you always pick the the cutest things!! !love the floral tape :)

Sundari said...

Very cute things. I like clouds very much!

heleen said...

Wow die wolken zijn fantástisch!

thelittledeer said...

i can not believe how cute that felt house is! seriously!


See Hear Say said...

oh wow, that little house by chet and dot is soooo adorable!

louise said...

All so lovely, and yes great masking tape, almost too good to use.

Anonymous said...

Great finds, as always! I want that floral masking tape haha. I need to stock up on Japanese masking tape ;)

little-a said...

I like the could with the raindrops that are to big :)
and that felt house. so sweet :)
you're so good in sharing all these wonderfull things! thanks ;)


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dapan said...

i like those floral masking tape.