Pure Paper Love

Doesn't this ^
takes your breath away?
(It's from Ishtar Oliveira.)

P A P E R.

So important.
So versatile.
Above all,


(Two Brunettes note card set.)

(Yuko Yamamato via here.)

(Paper box I adore. Where can I find something like this?)

(Wedding invitation. THAT pattern!)

(Paper necklace!)

All the sweet things
you can do with paper...

(Pernilla Hed.)

Below all paper from Paper Source.

(Indian paper)

Paper Source own design.

Japanese paper.

Loving this 'Scoutbook'...

this definitely
looks like heaven.

(Calligraphy stamps! How beautiful...)



(Business cards via Mint.)

I am also
very much in LOVE
with pretty printed storage boxes.
(unfortunately it's hard
to find nice ones for a good price.)

(Tia photo?)

(House Doctor.)

Making beautiful packages.
To make your loved ones
(Or to receive yourself...)



(Via Rakuten)



Now I'd like to share
some of my paper Etsy faves
with you. ✐

{Oh, buckets sells
really cute gift stuff!)

{Nothing Elegant sells
cute, girly stationery.}
watch out: this is
the most dangerous shop out there!

(A set of 60(!) small cards. grr.)

can resist
dandelion sticky notes?


Some nice sites
for the 'PaperLovers' among us. :)

Tinted Mint.

Keri Smith.

Prima Stationery.

Mint. (Can't live without Mint, I swear.

Uppercase, the blog.

Little Otsu shop.

Pins and Paper.

Paper Mash.

The Paper Studio.

Okay, just ONE
to (finally) end this post.
(By Lemon & Lavender.)

I hope you enjoyed,
dearest readers.

(Oh yeah, before I forget:
I wanted to ask you something.
I am looking for a few people
that are willing to help me out with
buying some stuff from other countries.
I am actually looking for someone from the US,
someone from Japan and someone from Korea.
If you think you can help me out
(can you already feel my gratitude?)
please send me an email!)


Miki said...

It certainly does take my breath away! Everything is so beautiful!

ferminadaza said...

Lovely post!1 Everything is so delicate in pastel.

Kerri said...

wow- you put so many pictures up there that i love-

i really liked the calligraphy stamps!

loveology said...

Thanks, sweet girls!

Lavender Playground said...

"upon a fold" has really pretty paper goods too and their blog (which I read) often introduces work by various paper artists.

yyam said...

Everything's so pretty! Thanks for sharing...great post! :)

Lavender Playground said...

Going through your previous posts I realized that you had already introduced Upon a Fold, ha ha.

Rina said...

I love paper! thanks for all these wonderful links! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Ah, heavenly! I love decorative paper too, it is so easy to dress up a card/poster/etc with it and it makes it look so pretty!

I'll help you with ordering stuff from different countries, what exactly did you need?

Beth said...

Everything is so lovely! The print in the first picture is my favorite thing!

starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

that return address stamp is rad

Julie said...

Beatifull finds! Die stempels, super!! Krijg nu een hebben hebben gevoel:-)

wil graag helpen, maar helaas denk ik dat ik op hetzelfde stuit..

Carys said...

These are all so beautiful, I wish I was more creative, the loveliest stuff can be made with paper, I feel so inspired to try now!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Brittan said...

This post is like paper HEAVEN!!! So many things I want! Wonderful!!!

SBG said...

love those their little birds!

so darling!


iva yaneva said...

Oh, dear, you are killing me with these!! There isn't a single thing I do not want to have from these photos :) We really have similar taste, don't we :)

As for the boxes, I found a shop over here that has some really great ones but for a box that is just covered with pretty paper they are way too expensive. My niece had to take one to school to keep her pencils and stuff in it so I made one myself from an empty box I had and some pretty paper we chose. It turned out really pretty, she loved it :) And it cost no more than $1 :)

Rebecca said...

I'm such a notebook geek, I have billions!


K said...

I love everything about this post - thanks for all the great links.

sofia said...

thank you for sharing so much beauty... :)

sofia said...

thank you for sharing so much beauty... :)

Patusibu said...

Oh oh Oh Oh!!!!!! It´s so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

Bohème Circus said...

oOoo I love papers... and your post is very interesting... And I love these funny clip paper with a duck form :)

Melissa said...

Paper is something that is no short of a blessing!


Miles Of Style said...

such pretty stuff...i think im about to develop a stationary fetish now!

just stumbled upon your blog and i think its so LOVELY! do drop by mine too when you have some time. maybe we can follow each other. =)


Veronica said...

ohhh! everything is so beautiful! I fell in love with both the Japanese and Indian papers!


Abby. said...

WOW it's all so pretty! Those are some great wallpapers! My favorite is the one in the picture with the book shelf in it!(:

Linn said...

This whole post is SO adorable! Beautiful!

rachel said...

THIS is overwhelming. Wayyy too much goodness. I love it though! So much inspiration!

Sanna said...

This is so beautiful!I love the post and all the adorable patterns!!

Anonymous said...

Here are address boxes! But you can have them custom make the cards to do whatever you want!


Habit & Home said...

I looovvveee pretty paper products!

Anonymous said...

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