My Kokeshi dolls arrived!
All the way from Japan,
in only 1 week!
They are even more beautiful in real life.

(Sorry I am lazy and post the Ebay pics.
The seller is really great.
Take a look at the shop, if you like.

another great package arrived!
From the wonderful UGUISU shop.
And there's a blog too.
I also highly really recommend Hiki as a seller.
And as a blogger, Jollygoo is a pure delight.

Japanese tea towels.
They are called Shirayuki.

(The right one is for my mom.)

More tape!

I also bought this recently.
Here at Tas-Ka.

Stockholm Apartments book.

More tape. Ha.

(The multi colored dotted one in the middle.)

And I am waiting,
for this.

(Doggy pens, blue floral tape,
flower post it's and kitty pens. Here.)

Beautiful garland.
Or did I show this before...

And there's still
so much more
to dream about...

(Look at all my
Etsy Fave's here.)

(First image: Bloom Magazine)


~Abby~ said...

Oh those dolls are so cute! :)
LOVE the tape.

A Little Yellow Button said...

So much cuteness in this post! I have little Japanese dolls, too, from when I traveled there a couple years ago. They are treasured little things resting on my fireplace mantle. :)

The tape is unbelievably adorable. I am speechless with all of these incrediblely cute things! Materialism, indeed. :)


Anna Liesemeyer said...

What lovely things!
I could spend hours on etsy:)
I have happy tape that I like to package items with. Hope you are doing well!


kristina said...
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kristina said...

oh, this dolls are full of love


mina ♥ said...

Aww the Japanese dolls are so cute! And I LOVE the doggie pens ;)

Lulu said...

everything is wonderful! especially all that tape! ;]

Mira & Thilda said...

so beautiful!

Lavender Playground said...

Such a happy post full of pretty things I like. So relaxing after a long long day.

mamutopia said...

Beautiful little presents! Enjoy :)

little-a said...

ooh ik hou echt van tape, garens..
zeer leuke kleurtjes