Jolie Japan


Random beauty
from Japan.

Because I just
lovelovelove it so much.

I know I have posted
about OLY
But this woman is
just so full
of talent and JOY
I had to share some of
her loveliness
with you, again.
(AND, I swear
if you'd ever decide
to spoil yourself
and buy something handmade online,
Oly's shop is the place to be. Amen.)

Now I'd like to share some of
my favorite Japan links with you!
I hope you like them...

Billet shop + blog.
Petit clos.
Spoon & Tamago.
Chara Coco.
Jollygoo + her shop UGUISU.
Life in the slow line.

These are great Etsy shops
if you're looking for some Japanese
OR Korean goodies:

Violet gift shop
Cinderella gift shop
Wonderland Room
Nothing elegant

(Billet, the store.)

I'd really appreciate if
you'd let me know
what you think
about those links and Etsy shops.


JGM said...

Gorge! so lovely, darling!
you have a great blog!

Lulu said...

that is the most adorable shop! splendid! =]

Carmel said...

I love Oly! I've recently purchased her postcard set. It is incredibly lovely!

I've posted photographs of it. http://holdhandsbreathelight.blogspot.com/2010/06/hurray-for-snail-mail.html

o l y said...

sweet sweet sifra, merci beaucoup for such a lovely and kind post about my works and shops, i lovelove you ( hug )

have a nice day sweet girl !


Juultje said...

pure liefde...hier ga ik zeker kijken. Echt super mooi, wordt helemaal enthousiast van Japan nu:-)

Workplace Lawyers Melbourne said...

Oh my god jealous you so much. It looks so pretty each of them

Tennis Academy Melbourne said...

Great collection. Love those colors

Flotsam Friends said...

They are such fantastic shots!! Wow. So much attention to detail there. Great colours, textures, the whole package... Am seriously loving that "diorama" and also the "tapestry" coffee cups (the shot with the squirrel in it). Pruxxx

pammalu said...

I absolutely LOVE visiting your blog!
you post the most eye catching, heart tickling goodies!
love love love!

Sun Dei said...

Wow! Thank you for those links!
Your lovely blog is one of my daily reads and now I have more sites to check to satisfy my Japanese curiosity. :D

Anya said...

so gently.....



super cute! come follow me http://www.fashioniceice.blogspot.com xoxo

Patusibu said...

I liiiiiiiiike it!!!!!!!! :)

Glamour Bbey. said...

How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style! I'm glad that I've visited yours.
Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

Thanks and love,

Duermevela said...

many dreamy images!

Anonymous said...

Oly is my favorite, love those birdhouses and everything else, so beautiful!

Mila said...

Dear you's!

Thank you with all my heart for your kind and sweet comments!
It truly makes me happy receiving every single comment. :)
I am sorry though, for being such a bad commenter myself. Since the heat here in The Netherlands, I seem to get even lazier. ;)
I'll try to be a better commenter.


aileen ♥ motu said...

hello mila ~ thanks for sharing the links and especially oly's! i am about to shop at her place!

kat said...

Oh I am so excited to visit your japan links!
I have not heard of Oly and will definately go to her shop now. Thanks Mila, wishing you a pretty day
kat xox

iva yaneva said...

Oh, my!! I am in heaven! I looove these but I'd have to kill you if you keep sharing such beautiful things hehe :) I want to buy everything from these shops and I am not even overreacting :))

erika said...

so much beauty in this post, I can look at it for hours........

Marinka said...

I love those little precious pieces, if they are japanese its even better!

mamutopia said...

Jaa, Oly is ook een van mijn favorieten! Haar foto's zijn zo fijn, en ik wil nog steeds eens iets uit haar shopje bestellen. Heb jij iets van haar?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Awsumalicious n fantabulous..<3

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