Essimar's art
blows my mind.

Quite amazing.
She makes my LOVE
for bright pink
even bigger.



Joyti said...

How pretty! I am not normally a fan of bright pink, but those pictures make me want to change my mind.

Monica said...

I always have a hard time staying away from the color pink. I've always preferred a lighter pink to this, but the bright pink here is lovely.

sarah said...

she's a huge inspiration to me too! <3

Lenneke said...

Dit vind ik echt geweldig!

Carys said...

These are so beautiful, how do you find such lovely things?
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

erin meagan said...

i wannnnttt!

Patusibu said...

I would like to have it to me of necklace!

Rose said...

Oh, Mila, the art you share on your blog is always so breathtakingly cool. I want all of it.

<3 Rose

Lulu said...

WOWWWW love it!!

little-a said...

woow, die kleuren, zo mooi.

ik was even vergeten dat je Nederlands was, dat is net iets makkelijker dan in het engels :)

je blog is echt zo mooi, je deelt heel mooie en leuke dingen met de wereld :)


FairyFaye said...

Wow! Hot pink op grijs/blauw is een mooie combo!