Lara Backmender

I am so sorry dear readers,
I have been such a bad blogger!
Everything will get back to normal soon!



Carys said...

Beautiful photos!! I love that last one!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Daphne said...

You're a wonderful blogger Mila. Really, I adore your blog. :) Love, Daphne

oh, hello friend. said...

ive missed you, hope youre well dear friend! lovely photos as always! xo.

ilsteviewonder said...

Dont sweat it! Great photos love the last and first ones =)

Dwayne D.C. Tucker II said...

I really like the photographs as well good job with them. I like the one in the cafe looking out the window, looks like a clip out of a movie..which is good for me - great style.

btw I understand when what you mean about the being a bad blogger..I second to that..but it's not that we are being a bad blogger on my side I be setting up better things for the blogs but it get's time consuming doing it yourself ya know =]

Keep in touch.

Nassau, Bahamas | Miami Florida

Anonymous said...

I love the photos.
I hope all is well.


Marinka said...

You have a great in selecting inspiring pictures

Noni said...

Alles goed?? hele mooie foto's! Maar je moet even asap reageren op mn mailtjes.. deadline day.. x