(...and my Japanese wishes...)

It's been a while since I last posted about
Japanese stuff.
I had this slight obsession with all
stuff Japanese a while ago
and suddenly it came back last week!
Just can't get enough of it...

I just LOVE
the innocence
and the sweetness
I think it calms me

Diaries are everywhere in this post,
because they were my first Asian love...


Don't you just love these
colorful bags?


Over-sized fashion.
LOVE that slouchy look!
(But will it be over-sized on ME too?)

(par ici)

Cutest dress

Such beautiful craft books
and mags here!

Cute huh?

If you have this slight JPN obsession too,
here are some great links etc.

(LINKS are always one of the best parts of blogs,
via links from links from links you find the best stuff!)





don't read, just look.

ONE of the best.


(Be careful, it's extremely addictive!)

(All diaries, notebooks etc.
are via Ebay dot com, worldwide.)


Color Collective said...

such a lovely post! i share this obsession too, so thanks for the links!!

Brittan said...

I love everything in this post, especially the soft birds and the clothes!!! I have a lot to check out!

tabitha said...

oh i love Japanese things, so pretty. those birds are very gorgeous!

ilsteviewonder said...

aww everything was so lovely and cute as you said!! I love :)

Unknown said...

I lurvvvve Japanese stuff too sweetie so this post is just perfect and I look forward to link clicking tomorrow as it's a bit late now.
I love their natural way with style and all the handicrafts they are so into. They seem to appreciate English country style and florals more than we even do in England :)
sweet wishes dearest Mila
luv kathryn xx

Unknown said...

<3 the super over sized tops & stripes!!


Unknown said...

So sweet, heart this post :)

Julie said...

I think I have become a Japanese posts fan, like you mention, innocence, sweetness...I agree, gorgeous!

I V Y said...

aw so cute! great blog.

agnes szucs said...

how much cuteness!
oh, those birds, sheep, cat!
thanks for sharing these.

connie said...

those flower room shoes are so adorable!

Kennedy said...

ahhhhh so friggin cute!

Anonymous said...

oh wow, i love this too! the pattern books are the absolute cutest, i have to get my hands on a copy :)

Kristiina said...

You have no idea how bad I want all of this :(

Alex Ingram said...

I love the way this blog looks!
It has a handmade feel that is really amazing
Great Blog! If you get the chance, check out mine at
and follow on twitter at

Marinka said...

I love those..I am so obsessed with japanese culture and stuff its crazy! But I never saw those

Danielle Combs said...

Have you seen this:

I love the JPN style, too. :)


rinrin said...

aaaahhh. <3

ik weet niet hóe ze het voor elkaar krijgen, maar die japaners maken altijd zulke onwijs mooie en leuke spulletjes. Aardig wat is ook wel naar nederland te halen, zoals via etsy, maar ook heel veel niet (of het moet belachelijk duur worden). ^^

love it.

Andrea said...

thank you!
Do you know FUDGE magazine??
It's lovely!!