Child abuse and sweet memories

/^secret hide a way's/

I've always loved
to hang things on a line.

And to hang things
around my neck.

(Misako Mimoko)

you know,

(I wish I was 10 again.
Do you ever miss your childhood?
That time when everything
the Big things,
were still

Teardrops are beautiful.
Also in child room's...

Shopping here
must be amazing!

BEING a kid.

I swear.
I dreamed
about these clothes
Aged 6.)

Are you still
to be a girl
when you wear dresses?

Child-proof home. Via here.)


want a child
right now.

Make breakfast happy!


And why
don't we play anymore?


(Smallable, Milk Magazine, Kids Design,
Petite Planet, BEST for kids ever.

Hope you enjoyed the


Anonymous said...

gorgeous post! i do think in our society, we force kids to grow up too fast. i still love being a girl and dressing up like one too (so much to the point my mom says i dress like i did when i was 4!)

Mila said...

that sounds so cute!
i want to see it!


Dita Maulani said...

I want a child too!! I'll have a picnic and go to cinema, and dress her like a queen, aahhh... Only i have to get married first.


Marinka said...

those are really nice I would like my kids to have a room like that

Indie.Tea said...

What an adorable post!
I still like to play, I'm always crawling and jumping with the little kids at family parties...to the point where people ask how old I am.

Floddertje said...

Perfect post...
I'm feeling nostalgic after it...

Mila said...

Oooooh such sweet photos!

AuGustė said...

I'm feeling nostalgic too. It's so adorable and pretty and so cute. I love that girly looks and the photos of rooms and... I would love to play all day. If i were a kid, of course. :'D

Anonymous said...

You know you REALLY DO LIVE OUT your childhood again with your own child. My 2 year old daughter plays with toys and wears clothes of mine when I was small like her....and you get to play games together and be just like her everyday. Having a child means giving up most/all of your own time...and giving all of your attention. I'm having such a blast making her bento style lunches and handmade hats, dresses, bags, toys....love sewing and creating for her. All the best... Lissette

Bonito said...

Why not?
I red about you in RUM magazine! So congratulations!

Bohème Circus said...

I think that Childhood is like a mood, maybe it is possible of recreate this mood through our daily thoughts by having an positive spirit and by choosing the frolic side of the life :)

starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

i did enjoy this glimpse very much thank you

Anna Liesemeyer said...

what beautiful images! So sweet. Definately made me smile. Iwish children these days weren't so swamped with materialism and media that makes them lose their innocence.
Thanks for the post!

Hettle said...

so enjoyed the chaos....just had a girl party for my little lovely louisa :) so...so much fun to be a girl.

SBG said...

that little kid stuff is so cute!


Sundari said...

This post made me really miss my sister, because I get to be young again and play with tea sets when I'm with her.

rinrin said...

lovely photographs!

we lose our innocence while growing up. and that's a shame. but i think we always keep playing, just with different toys. such a shame that those toys aren't always as simple, bright and colorful as they are for children. and that we don't stay as fascinated with them as children do with their simple toys.

but sometimes we just ignore all that and go back to our childhood. this post is one way to do that. (:

wildflowers said...

Such a cute, pretty post :)


Artpixie said...

Man I wish I could go back to primary school.