I keep forgetting to tell you
about the Asian movies I've seen
after your recommendations.

First of all, THANK YOU!
I've seen three now
and all three were absolutely amazing.

My favorite was 'Heavenly Forest';
the gorgeous visuals,
the characters,
the music,
but most of all: the unbelievably beautiful story.
It moved me to tears. Oh, it did.

'In the mood for love'

was also truly amazing.
I lovedlovedloved the clothing
and the beautiful items in and around the house.
I think I've never seen
such a beautiful, feminine and special lady before.

'Hana and Alice' is the last I've seen
until now.
It's so cute,
so real
and so dreamy
all at the same time.

While so much
is happening
there always is this breathtaking

For me,
the true beauty of these movies,
lies within their sensitiveness.
It shows throughout the whole movie,
both by visuals, but also
very much because of the music,
which is mainly classical music.

I grew up with classical music
every day.
Years ago I started to like it
and then LOVE it.

I feel like I have so much more to say
about these movies,
but I always feel like people visit Loveology
to SEE, not to READ.
(However, I'd love to share
more about these movies,
like favorite scenes, quotes etc.
so if you like, we can talk about
the movies in the comment section!)

(T.M.B.P.= The Most Beautiful Picture,
Obviously the first one of this post.
I found it via the lovely new online mag MAEVE.)


Audrey said...

Great list! In the mood for love is Chinese, not Japanese though. I will have the watch the first one you listed. Also check out 2046 for the cinematography. Same director and cinematographer as In the mood for love.

loveology said...

Thanks so much for your comment Audrey! And I didn't know that movie was Japanese, so I'll change the Japanese movies into Asian movies, that's better I guess!

Yes, you should definitely watch Heavenly Forest, it's so beautiful and touching...

Thanks for the recommendation about 2046, I hadn't heard of that one before.
I am curious!


Unknown said...

Så beautiful pictures..

Esther said...

i do read! :) 1 litre of tears is a great japanese show too, thought it's a drama. i've a great japanese movie to recommend but it's at the back of my mind i cant seem to remember the title

thanks for these i'm adding them to my to watch list :)

loveology said...

Thanks so much Esther!
I am already looking for the show, and I've found a movie too with the same title...

Please come back to tell if that other movie comes to your mind!


agnes szucs said...

Hey, Mila, thank you so much for the link on your page. This never happened to me before. I'm so glad you like my blog! (And I like yours, too... I already had a link to your blog.)

iliketweet said...

What beautiful films! If you fancy straying to Korean cinema, watch I'm a Cyborg, But it's OK.

tweet tweet tweet


Abby. said...

I love that first picture!
Aww and those ballerinas are cute!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I LOVE the first picture so much. Definitely TMBP! I need to watch some Japanese films now :)

datflamie said...

First pic is soooo amazing (mm)

The Noisy Plume said...

I'm taking your reviews to heart.
Will watch soon.

And first image = soul candy.

les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

No way! 'Heavenly Forest' is one of my favourite movies! It is amazing. And that 'Hana and Alice' one looks spectacular- I want to go see it now... hmmm... :)

OneCraftyFox said...

I will have to check these out, I love foreign films and my boyfriend is Asian so we watch quite a few movies together. :)

Christine said...

In The Mood For Love is one of my favorite movies (and favorite directors) but I haven't seen the other two. I must though! I always find that the cinematography is always so beautiful in Asian films. And they do have a lyrical quality. If you're looking for older films to explore I would definitely check out Japanese director Ozu.

Hat said...

thank you for posting these!! I'm definitely going to look into these films I've been craving new films to watch lately, i just rented two from my uni library i'll let you know if they're any good!

Anonymous said...

Het is grappig dat je zegt dat de meeste mensen je blog bezoeken om te kijken, en niet om te lezen. Voor mij persoonlijk voelt het andersom. Natuurlijk vind ik het kijkgedeelte hartstikke prettig, maar de posts die ik het meest interessant vind zijn die waar jij aan het woord bent :)

Marinka said...

cool photos

Every Little Counts said...

in the mood for love is one of my favorite films. so quietly beautiful.

delicate doll. said...

oh wow... now i want to see all these movies, especially Hana & Alice. (but really, all of them... you got me excited, hehe)

Unknown said...

I recommend "One million yen girl" (Hyakuman-en to Nigamushi Onna) with Yu Aoi!

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure if someone already recommended this, but i suggest "classic", a korean movie that i love love love!