Please love Hunnycake

I found this blog.
I fell in love.
I hope you do too.
Because falling in love
is easy
and it makes you feel
less lonely

in this world
so full
of loneliness.

Are you lonely

Will love come

(Image credits)


Vanya said...

It really is a beautiful blog. I haven't seen anything like it bfore. Thanks for sharing

Charlotte Elise Jay said...

Wow in love with her blog too!!!

Char x

Unknown said...

Waouh! These pictures are so beautiful, so peacefull!

Abby. said...

Yes I do sometimes, and these photos cheered me up!!!
I ♥♥♥ the last photo!

iliketweet said...

So, so beautiful. I love it!

tweet tweet tweet


Lucia said...

can't say anything, so beautiful!!

Floddertje said...

I posted about this blog a while ago, really wonderful!


delicate doll. said...

wow, thank you so much for sharing! it's so peaceful and beautiful...

adam.and.e said...

i just found your blog through bloglovin' and i'm LOVIN' it! thanks for brightening my day :)

heleen said...

Oh Mila, dit is zo'n lieve en eerlijke post. Jouw blog doet me ook vaak verliefd worden hoor!

jennifer lorton said...

They are beautiful and girly magic, thank you.

taryn said...

I do love it.
and we all get lonely too
but like everything it passes and transforms
depending on how we perceive it.
and you seem to see things through such beauty!

~taryn xx

wishful nals said...

gorgeous photos, love 'em. xo!

Giovanna said...

Adorable images!! I love the blog too :)

Anonymous said...

Your words are so beautiful.


Anonymous said...

So lovely. And it is a lonely world too. But love does help :)

Daydream Lily said...

beautiful. I think I have one of her collages in my flickr favourites, but I didnt know she had a blog. Tts beautiful!! I really like the layout of Please Love!!!!

x Liss

Marinka said...

This blog is nice and poetic..love definitely helps facing the world, it can be so sad to be alone

Petitebine said...

Leuke blog inderdaad, mooie foto's!! xxx

moreen said...

I love the photos....and the colors.


Ariel Starling said...

Love will always come again; you can't keep it away.

Lovely. ♥