Naoko Stoop

True ART.
And her Etsy shop.

Found via the amazing
new online mag MAEVE.

Her Flickr and her blog.

Please don't forget to enter the
very lovely Give Away by Mykonos!
You can enter until tomorrow 12 AM.


Esther said...

these are so lovely thanks mila. i realise i keep using the same adjectives whenever i come to your blog! :P i love those animals cut out from old bookpaper. it's inspiring me to get down & dirty to do some crafts too <3

Demoiselle Libellule said...

Oh yes, Naoko is a wonderful artist! I discovered her childhood inspired work on flickr and I am always amazed when I rediscover her little visual stories!

And I love your dreamy blog!


Sanna said...

I love the animals cut out from old bookpaper. So beautiful!
Have a nice weekend! <3

Julie said...

Wat is dit ontzettend lief. Deze ga ik zeker bekijken!!

alvast een fijn weekend (hoop alleen dat het stopt met regenen...:-))

Charlotte said...

love it! really inspiring!

Abby. said...

Oooh I wish I could hang these on my walls!
So cute!

Sabina said...

I love Naoko. An amazing artist.
If you have the time, feel free to come around and check out my blog :)) And of course, comments and follows more than welcome - but that is up to you :)))

Have a wonderful day! <3

Unknown said...

They are adorable. Just something about rabbits!

Anonymous said...

these are beautiful! i love how she uses cut outs of books to make the animals. going to check out her shop now!

Anonymous said...

Mila, you are so sweet.
Thanks for the wonderful comments.

I wish I could paint my walls like these, but my landlord wouldn't allow.
I can't wait to move in back with my parents! haha.


Marinka said...

her collage looks are so cute, it tells a real story :) Love it!