Frieda Maria

If you are a frequent reader
of Dutch or European blogs,
you've probably already heard of
Frieda Maria.
An amazing Dutch duo of designers and stylists.

I wanted to post
about their gorgeous work
that puts a smile on your face!

I really LOVE
how F&M use such simple things
to create these beautiful settings...

Have a beautiful day, dears!

Ps. Frieda Maria also produced
a truly lovely book: Vive La fete.
It's all about creating a beautiful
and original party!


Carys said...

Wow, it is so simplistic yet so beautiful! Every time you post a collection on your blog I have to stop myself from buying every single thing in it, it is always so lovely!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Floddertje said...

She's truly amazing, very representative of Dutch's style!

S said...

definitely gorgeous. and their work is so recognizable!

x Simone

Giovanna said...

So beautiful dear!
Hope you have an awesome day!

Charlotte Elise Jay said...

This is some of the prettiest things ive ever seen thanks so much for sharing :)

Char x

Anonymous said...

I love it.
So simple, beautiful, and lovely.


Anna Wallace said...

these things are beautiful. i'm totally obsessed with household items right now because i'm moving into a house with my best girlfriends in a couple of months!

Sophie said...

OhhhHHH i love these!!! i can't wait to have my own house and buy the cutest household items.

everyone please check out and follow my blog :)


Pearl said...

Hi Mila,
I still have not received the giveaway I won from Oh, Hello Friend and I tried contacting them to no avail.

Could you please help me figure this out? It's been quite a while so I feel as though there's been some confusion.

Thanks so much,


Anonymous said...

This is so gorgeous, this is the exact style I love so much. I did not know she made a book, I might have to break down and get it :)

Anonymous said...

what a nice and simply style,its remind me about fairytale story.

catch me up on


will wait your sign :)

- Cheers -

Marinka said...

wow beauty really is in the most simple things

Clara Campelo said...

amazing pics!
lovely blog!

Christine said...

So pretty and simple. I love that first image!

Abby. said...

This definately made me :)
My favorite picture is the one of the blue wall, the cloud, and the white shoes.
So cutes. ♥

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the sign =) , will wait for your next posting

- cheers -

The Art Cupboard said...

amazing, i love the book on a string! so wonderful

Lenneke said...

Ja heel leuk wat zij doen! Ze hebben hier ook een hele leuke chocoladewinkel/tearoom ingericht 'De bonte koe! Heel gezellig (en lekker)

matchstickgirl said...

totally light and fragile and beautiful!!!!!

Unknown said...

such lovely photos. I can always count on finding something inspiring here!

Bohème Circus said...

ooOh yes I like also this artistic work so soft and inspired at the same time with a key of humour and of poetry where the colors are "shabby" and luminous at the same time...