Cheri Messerli

Scout Holiday.
Sounds familiar, right?
I am a follower and LOVER of her blog
for quite some time now.
Also, loving her pretty
famous flag necklaces.

I never knew about her
amazing work as a stylist!

(Photography by Lina Scheynius)

Also, watch this
gorgeous video...

Masscob Spring Summer 2010 from Masscob on Vimeo.

Oh, and this
is her Tumblr.

Don't you just LOVE
her sweet and delicate style?


Lulu said...

oh i love this! so so so so gorgeous...everything is gorgeous!

Carys said...

These are some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen, thanks so much for inspiring me again!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

The Art Cupboard said...

so lovely, i love the softness of these photos,


Erandi said...

i know Cheri is amazing! love her work :)

Rina said...

Oh I love this pictures so much! looks so delicate


Anonymous said...

there is so much wonderfulness in this post. thanks for sharing!

xo Alison

Jane Flanagan said...

Oh my! So much beauty. Thanks for sharing!

Esther said...

oh i never knew she was a stylish too! i'm a follower of her blog too & i loved the way she took photos of her flag necklaces. so unique & pretty. now i know why she's so stylish (for lack of a better word) :P

de inktvis said...

oh, hoe graag ik niet aan zo'n mooie tafel zou willen zitten!

Anonymous said...

Ah, this is so gorgeous! That delicate style is my favorite in the world :)

stephanie renee said...

i just love her style, so simple and sweet!

Marinka said...

I didnt knew about her blog before but the picture you showed made me want to know more

babelfish said...

Aww, I want an outdoor party now!