10 things to LOVE

1} White spaces.

2} Aussie actress Sophie Lowe.
(Watch the movie 'Beautiful Kate'...)

3} Lotta Hellenber's Etsy shop.

4} The lay-out and content of this gorgeous blog.

5} Hot, windy summerdays to come...

6} Amazing, intelligent Tumblr's like Rememo.

7} French Embroidery

8} These 365 cards by One Day Never.

9} Clare Shilland Photography.

10} Waylon at Holland's Got Talent.
(I know Youtube video's aren't interesting on blogs,
but this is worth watching, trust me.)

(The funny thing is that the judges are very cynical
when he tells them he's going to sing "It's a man's world'
but then they hear him...)

And I SEE him too. ;)

There's so much more
I'd like (maybe even LOVE)
to share with you.
But I decided to stick with ten today.

Because I want simplicity.

Oh, I want simplicity
so badly.

(Credits: 1, 2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8, 9, 10,
11, 12&13, 14&15, 16&17, 18.


Robin said...

What a lovely love list! Thank you for sharing :)

Anna @ IHOD said...

what a lovely list mila. so much fun...lots of things to check out:)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous list. never heard of that actress before, i better check her out :)

and you can never, ever go wrong with beautiful white walls!

Jess ♡ said...

This list is so whimsical I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT :):)! Time to look 'em all up! <3 xo

agnes szucs said...

:) simplicity is good.
the blog you mention reminds my of grijs, that is quite a favourite of mine. it's at http://grijs.blogspot.com/


Marinka said...

your list is so beautiful you have really an amazing eye to find whimsical thing ^^

Habit & Home said...

Number 5....yes!

Giovanna said...

Adorable finds dear! Love love love

Anonymous said...

Beautiful list.
I love the white walls.


Lulu said...

i'm painting my room white soon...there's simply so much you can do with a white room, and the walls look so peaceful and clean. =]

Anonymous said...

this list is so wonderful. love the embroidery.

xo Alison

Anna Wallace said...

these ARE ten things to love.

i hope the heat comes to you soon! i'll send some of mine your way.

Rebecca Jane said...

So many lovely things!

Signe said...

Wow the 365 cards look amazing. What a lot of work - but i seems worth it; they're beautiful!